Covered Karsts

  • Márton Veress

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About this book


This book provides an overview of covered karst types, covered karst features, functioning of covered karst features, the evolution of covered karst features and the development of covered karst reliefs. The introductory chapters present the characteristics of karst, the investigated areas and the applied methods. The covered karsts are categorized according to the quality and development of the superficial deposit and its geomorphological position and environment. The morphology, development, functioning, sediment development and the transformation of the karst features are presented. The relationship between the covered karst formation and climate is analyzed; including the covered karst formation of the tundra climate, taiga climate, temperate zone climate, subtropical, tropical climate and the high mountains. The manifestation of the human activity on covered karsts is presented.


Covered Karst Types Morphology of the Features Functioning of the Features Evolution of Karst Features Development of the Covered Karsts

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