Review and Integration of Biosphere-Atmosphere Modelling of Reactive Trace Gases and Volatile Aerosols

  • Raia-Silva Massad
  • Benjamin Loubet

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. R. -S. Massad, B. Loubet
    Pages 1-5
  3. Review Documents

  4. Synthesis According to Compounds

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 151-151
    2. J. O. Bash, C. Flechard, M. Adon, P. Cellier, J. L. Drouet, S. Genermont et al.
      Pages 153-161
    3. B. Loubet, C. Ammann, J. F. Castell, L. Emberson, L. Ganzeveld, A. S. Kowalski et al.
      Pages 163-167
    4. R. Forkel, A. Guenther, K. Ashworth, C. Bedos, C. Delon, J. Lathiere et al.
      Pages 169-179
    5. D. Simpson, E. Nemitz, J. Burkhardt, D. Famulari, M. Kasik, B. Loubet et al.
      Pages 181-187
  5. Synthesis According to Model Component

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 189-189
    2. E. Personne, L. Emberson, L. Balezentiene, J.-F. Castell, A. Kowlaski, A. Tuzet et al.
      Pages 191-198
    3. J. Lathière, L. Zhang, M. Adon, K. Ashworth, J. Burkhardt, C. Flechard et al.
      Pages 199-206
    4. R. -S. Massad, M. A. Sutton, J. O. Bash, C. Bedos, A. Carrara, P. Cellier et al.
      Pages 207-213
    5. M. Theobald, B. Loubet, C. Ammann, L. Branislava, B. Chojnicki, L. Ganzeveld et al.
      Pages 215-223

About this book


When considering biosphere–atmosphere exchange of trace gases and volatile aerosols, significant advances have been made both from an experimental and modelling point of view and on several scales. This was particularly stimulated by the availability of new datasets generated from improvements in analytical methods and flux measurement techniques.

Recent research advances allow us, not only to identify major mechanisms and factors affecting the exchanges between the biosphere and the atmosphere, but also to recognize several gaps in the methodologies used in accounting for emissions and deposition in landscape and global scale models.

This work aims at (i) reviewing exchange processes and modelling schemes, parameterisations and datasets, (ii) presenting a common conceptual framework to model soil-vegetation-atmosphere exchange of reactive trace gases and aerosols accounting for in-canopy transfer chemical interactions and (iii) discussing the key elements of the agreed framework.  


Climate Change impact air pollution biosphere-atmosphere interaction gas and volatile aerosols terrestrial ecosystems

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  • Raia-Silva Massad
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  • Benjamin Loubet
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  1. 1.Equipe BioAtmINRA AgroPAris TechThiverval-GrignonFrance
  2. 2.Env. and Arable Crops Research UnitINRAThiverval-GrignonFrance

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