The 3-D Heliosphere at Solar Maximum

Proceedings of the 34th ESLAB Symposium, 3–6 October 2000, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

  • R. G. Marsden
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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. The Sun and Corona near Solar Maximum

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 3-3
    2. Shadia Rifai Habbal, Richard Woo, Jean-Claude Vial
      Pages 5-8
    3. R. Wohlmuth, D. Plettemeier, P. Edenhofer, M. K. Bird, A. I. Efimov, V. E. Andreev et al.
      Pages 9-12
    4. B. J. I. Bromage, P. K. Browning, J. R. Clegg
      Pages 13-16
    5. S. J. Tappin, G. M. Simnett, M. A. Lyons
      Pages 17-20
    6. L. A. Fisk, N. A. Schwadron
      Pages 21-33
    7. Ed Sittler, Madhullika Guhathakurta, Ruth Skoug
      Pages 39-44
    8. Madhullika Guhathakurta, Ed Sittler Jr., Richard Fisher, Theresa Kucera, Sarah Gibson, Dave McComas et al.
      Pages 45-50
    9. S. Suess, G. Poletto
      Pages 59-62
    10. A. Pauluhn, S. K. Solanki, U. Schühle, K. Wilhelm, J. Lang, W. T. Thompson et al.
      Pages 63-66
  3. The Large-Scale Structure of the Heliosphere near Solar Maximum

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 67-67
    2. D. J. McComas, R. Goldstein, J. T. Gosling, R. M. Skoug
      Pages 99-103
    3. Karine Issautier, Sang Hoang, Michel Moncuquet, Nicole Meyer-Vernet
      Pages 105-108
    4. Peter Bochsler
      Pages 113-121
    5. R. Von Steiger, T. H. Zurbuchen, J. Geiss, G. Gloeckler, L. A. Fisk, N. A. Schwadron
      Pages 123-127
    6. R. J. MacDowall, Naiguo Lin, D. J. McComas
      Pages 141-146
    7. André Balogh, Edward J. Smith
      Pages 147-160
    8. Geraint H. Jones, André Balogh
      Pages 165-168
    9. J. T. Gosling, D. J. McComas, R. M. Skoug, R. J. Forsyth
      Pages 189-192
    10. Naiguo Lin, P. J. Kellogg, R. J. MacDowall, S. P. Gary
      Pages 193-196
    11. Johan De Keyser, Michel Roth, Hans De Sterck, Stefaan Poedts
      Pages 201-204
    12. R. J. Forsyth, A. Rees, A. Balogh, E. J. Smith
      Pages 217-220
    13. Géza Erdős, André Balogh, József Kóta
      Pages 221-224
    14. Dmitri I. Ponyavin
      Pages 225-228
  4. Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. L. J. Lanzerotti, S. M. Krimigis, R. B. Decker, S. E. Hawkins III, R. E. Gold, E. C. Roelof et al.
      Pages 243-248
    3. D. Lario, E. C. Roelof, R. J. Forsyth, J. T. Gosling
      Pages 249-252
    4. Silvia Dalla, André Balogh
      Pages 253-256
    5. O. E. Malandraki, E. T. Sarris, L. J. Lanzerotti, C. G. Maclennan, M. Pick, G. Tsiropoula
      Pages 263-268
    6. S. E. Hawkins III, E. C. Roelof, R. B. Decker, G. C. Ho, D. Lario
      Pages 269-272
    7. M. Pick, D. Maia, S. E. Hawkins III
      Pages 273-276
    8. D. Lario, D. K. Haggerty, E. C. Roelof, S. J. Tappin, R. J. Forsyth, J. T. Gosling
      Pages 277-280
    9. C. G. Maclennan, L. J. Lanzerotti, R. E. Gold
      Pages 281-284

About these proceedings


Our knowledge of the heliosphere in three dimensions near solar minimum has advanced significantly in the last 10 years, largely as a result of the on-going ESAINASA Ulysses mission. Similar advances in our understanding of the global heliosphere near solar maximum are to be expected with the return of Ulysses to high solar latitudes in 2000/200 I. With this in mind, the 34th ESLAB Symposium, held at ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, on 3-6 October, 2000, was devoted to 'The 3-D Heliosphere at Solar Maximum'. This was the third ESLAB Sympo­ sium focusing on the three-dimensional heliosphere (previous symposia being in 1985 and 1994), and the timing was particularly appropriate, marking as it did the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Ulysses spacecraft. Furthermore, Ulysses had just started its third high-latitude pass, the second over the Sun's south polar regions. The symposium addressed a wide range of topics related to the solar-maximum heliosphere, with presentations on many of the latest findings from Ulysses and other space-based missions. Ground-based studies and theoretical modeling were also well represented. Specific questions to which answers were sought included the following.


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