Practical Geometry and Engineering Graphics

A Textbook for Engineering and Other Students

  • W. Abbott

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-5
  2. Plane Geometry and Engineering Graphics

    1. W. Abbott
      Pages 6-13
    2. W. Abbott
      Pages 14-21
    3. W. Abbott
      Pages 22-41
    4. W. Abbott
      Pages 42-53
    5. W. Abbott
      Pages 54-61
    6. W. Abbott
      Pages 62-71
    7. W. Abbott
      Pages 72-91
    8. W. Abbott
      Pages 92-137
    9. W. Abbott
      Pages 138-149
    10. W. Abbott
      Pages 150-156
  3. Solid or Descriptive Geometry

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 157-157
    2. W. Abbott
      Pages 158-179
    3. W. Abbott
      Pages 180-191
    4. W. Abbott
      Pages 192-199
    5. W. Abbott
      Pages 200-249
    6. W. Abbott
      Pages 250-273
    7. W. Abbott
      Pages 274-297
    8. W. Abbott
      Pages 298-319
    9. W. Abbott
      Pages 320-335
    10. W. Abbott
      Pages 336-342
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 344-349

About this book


HIS BOOK IS INTENDED TO PROVIDE A COURSE IN PRACTICAL Geometry for engineering students who have already received some instruction in elementary plane geometry, graph plotting, and the use T of vectors. It also covers the requirements of Secondary School pupils taking Practical Geometry at the Advanced Level. The grouping adopted, in which Plane Geometry is dealt with in Part I, and Solid or Descriptive Geometry in Part II, is artificial, and it is the intention that the two parts should be read concurrently. The logical treatment of the subject presents many difficulties and the sequence of the later chapters in both parts is necessarily a compromise; as an illustration, certain of the more easy inter­ sections and developments might with advantage be taken at an earlier stage than that indicated. In Part I considerable space has been devoted to Engineering Graphics, particularly to the applications of graphical integration. The use of graphical methods of computation is fully justified in most engineering problems of a practical nature-especially where analytical methods would prove laborious -the results obtained being as accurate as the data warrant.


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