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Natural Hazards

State-of-the-Art at the End of the Second Millennium

  • G. A. Papadopoulos
  • T. Murty
  • S. Venkatesh
  • R. Blong

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. S. Venkatesh, W. Gong, A. Kallaur, P. A. Makar, M. D. Moran, B. Pabla et al.
    Pages 101-129
  3. Y. Altinok, Ş. Ersoy
    Pages 185-205
  4. Salvador F. Farreras
    Pages 207-214
  5. V. Cuomo, G. Di Bello, V. Lapenna, S. Piscitelli, L. Telesca, M. Macchiato et al.
    Pages 247-261
  6. P. F. Biagi, A. Ermini, E. Cozzi, Y. M. Khatkevich, E. I. Gordeev
    Pages 263-276
  7. M. T. Pareschi, L. Cavarra, M. Favalli, F. Giannini, A. Meriggi
    Pages 361-379
  8. A. Amendola, Y. Ermoliev, T. Y. Ermolieva, V. Gitis, G. Koff, J. Linnerooth-Bayer
    Pages 381-393
  9. M. L. Khandekar
    Pages 395-398

About this book


This special volume contains a selection of papers that were presented as part of the Seventh International Symposium on Natural and Man-Made Hazards (HAZARDS-98), held in Chania, Crete Island, Greece, during May 1998. The Symposium attracted broad international interest because many cases of natural disaster events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storm surges, forest fires, etc., that occurred in several parts of the world during the 1990s were presented not only for their physics but also from the point of view of their impact on society and their environmental consequences. Among these cases are the 1997 Red River Valley flood in Canada and the large earthquake of 18 November 1997, in Zakynthos, Greece. In addition, the volume contains contributions that apply advanced statistical methods and artificial intelligence techniques, such as GIS, and systems analysis to approach the description of physical processes, the discrimination of experimental data and the assessment and management of risk.
Audience: This volume forms an excellent reference for scientists, students, engineers, the insurance industry, authorities specializing in public safety and natural hazards preparedness and mitigation plans.


Earthquake GIS Geoinformationssysteme Natural disaster Storm Storm surge Tsunami Wind

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  • G. A. Papadopoulos
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  • T. Murty
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  • S. Venkatesh
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  • R. Blong
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  1. 1.National Observatory of AthensGreece
  2. 2.W. F. Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers Ltd.OttawaCanada
  3. 3.Meteorological Service of CanadaDownsviewCanada
  4. 4.Macquarie UniversityNorth RydeAustralia

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