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Marine Genetics

  • Antonio M. Solé-Cava
  • Claudia A. M. Russo
  • John P. Thorpe

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 144)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. C. Borchiellini, C. Chombard, B. Lafay, N. Boury-Esnault
    Pages 15-27
  3. D. R. Dixon, J. T. Wilson
    Pages 29-43
  4. F. Foresti
    Pages 45-47
  5. R. Galleguillos, L. Troncoso, C. Oyarzún, M. Astorga, M. Peñaloza
    Pages 49-54
  6. P. M. Galetti Jr., C. T. Aguilar, W. F. Molina
    Pages 55-62
  7. B. S. Holland
    Pages 63-71
  8. J. A. Levy, L. F. Marins, A. Sanchez
    Pages 91-94
  9. E. Pauls, P. R. A. M. Affonso
    Pages 99-102
  10. T. M. Ridgway, G. M. Branch, B. A. Stewart, A. N. Hodgson
    Pages 103-118
  11. N. A. Sweijd, R. C. K. Bowie, B. S. Evans, A. L. Lopata
    Pages 153-164
  12. J. P. Thorpe, A. M. Solé-Cava, P. C. Watts
    Pages 165-184
  13. R. D. Ward
    Pages 191-201

About this book


Our current knowledge of marine organisms and the factors affecting their ecology, distribution and evolution has been revolutionised by the use, in the last 20 years, of molecular population genetics tools. This book is the result of a meeting of world-leading experts, in Rio de Janeiro, where the state of the art of this field was reviewed. Topics covered include the molecular analysis of bio-invasions, the recent developments in marine biotechnology, the factors affecting levels of genetic variation and population structure in marine organisms and their application to conservation biology, fisheries and aquaculture. This is the first book dedicated to the genetic study of marine organisms. It will be very useful to biology students, scientists and anyone working or simply interested in areas such as marine biology, zoology, ecology, and population and molecular genetics.


asteroidea conservation of marine organisms crown of thorns starfish echinodermata evolution fisheries management gadidae genetic divergence marine bioinvasions marine fish cytogenetics marine invertebrates marine pollution marine species spider crabs systematics

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  • Antonio M. Solé-Cava
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  • Claudia A. M. Russo
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