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Conversion Concepts for Commercial Applications and Disposal Technologies of Energetic Systems

  • Horst H. Krause

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASDT, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. A. A. Rodionov, I. N. Bocharov, B. P. Zhukov, A. V. Dranishnickov, O. N. Ivanov
    Pages 1-10
  3. Bernhard Brouqueyre, Jean Michel Tauzia
    Pages 33-39
  4. N. H. A. van Ham
    Pages 47-54
  5. G. V. Sakovich, E. A. Petrov, V. F. Komarov, N. V. Kozyrev
    Pages 55-72
  6. B. V. Matseyevich, Yu. M. Leshchinsky
    Pages 73-78
  7. J. A. Besruk, B. P. Zhukov, E. P. Velikhov, Y. P. Babakov
    Pages 85-90
  8. A. P. Denisjuk, B. P. Zhukov, V. G. Alferov, Yu. G. Shepelev, B. M. Baloyan, D. L. Rusin et al.
    Pages 99-112
  9. B. A. Abramov, B. P. Zhukov, V. G. Volohov, E. I. Shemiakin, I. B. Kremnev, I. M. Balojan et al.
    Pages 131-136
  10. V. A. Tartakiovsky, S. A. Shevelev, M. D. Dutov, A. Kh. Shakhnes, A. L. Rusanov, L. G. Komarova et al.
    Pages 137-149
  11. Yu. I. Krasnoshchyokov
    Pages 163-167

About this book


A very complete survey of different approaches adopted by Eastern and Western countries for the disposal of surplus ammunition. Incineration and other techniques for the disposal of high explosives, gun and rocket propellants are introduced and discussed in relation to environmental and safety requirements. Proposals for and examples of the re-use of military explosives in commercial applications are given. Topics discussed range from the conversion of energetic systems into chemical raw materials to the new development of energetic systems with special features for commercial use (such as producing artificial diamonds by detonation, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, fire extinguishing, etc.).


Recycling composite polymer polymers water

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  • Horst H. Krause
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  1. 1.Fraunhofer Institut Chemische TechnologiePfinztal (Berghausen)Germany

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