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Advanced Multibody System Dynamics

Simulation and Software Tools

  • Werner Schiehlen

Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 20)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. M. Otter, M. Hocke, A. Daberkow, G. Leister
    Pages 19-48
  3. A. Daberkow, E. Kreuzer, G. Leister, W. Schiehlen
    Pages 87-106
  4. A. Eichberger, C. Führer, R. Schwertassek
    Pages 107-126
  5. Thomas Andrzejewski, Hans Georg Bock, Edda Eich, Reinhold von Schwerin
    Pages 127-151
  6. B. Weber, J. Wittenburg
    Pages 153-172
  7. K. Sorge, H. Bremer, F. Pfeiffer
    Pages 195-215
  8. Martin Botz, Peter Hagedorn
    Pages 217-236
  9. G. Sedlacek, D. Neuenhaus
    Pages 277-296
  10. P. C. Müller, M. Gürgöze
    Pages 297-314
  11. P. C. Müller, J. Bajkowski
    Pages 315-336
  12. D. Bach, H. Brauchli, O. Melliger, P. Hillmer
    Pages 355-360

About this book


The German Research Council (DFG) decided 1987 to establish a nationwide five year research project devoted to dynamics of multibody systems. In this project universities and research centers cooperated with the goal to develop a general pur­ pose multibody system software package. This concept provides the opportunity to use a modular structure of the software, i.e. different multibody formalisms may be combined with different simulation programmes via standardized interfaces. For the DFG project the database RSYST was chosen using standard FORTRAN 77 and an object oriented multibody system datamodel was defined. The project included • research on the fundamentals of the method of multibody systems, • concepts for new formalisms of dynamical analysis, • development of efficient numerical algorithms and • realization of a powerful software package of multibody systems. These goals required an interdisciplinary cooperation between mathematics, compu­ ter science, mechanics, and control theory. ix X After a rigorous reviewing process the following research institutions participated in the project (under the responsibility of leading scientists): Technical University of Aachen (Prof. G. Sedlacek) Technical University of Darmstadt (Prof. P. Hagedorn) University of Duisburg M. Hiller) (Prof.


RSI Simulation algorithms design finite element method mechanics modeling programming robot

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