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Productivity Based Management


Part of the Studies in Productivity Analysis book series (SPAN, volume 5)

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About this book


Realization of productivity gains is a necessary condition for long-term consistent improvement in economic well being. We have to work smarter and produce more efficiently to attain an ever higher quantity and quality of goods and services without sacrificing leisure. This is true for the economy at large as well as for individual firms. In a competitive environment, businesses must continuously improve the productivity of their operations in order to sustain and augment profitability and growth. This basic requirement may be temporarily obscured by unexpected external developments or financial manipulations, but it is nevertheless essential to the long-term health of any economic enterprise. Increasing awareness of the importance of productivity has recently motivated renewed interest in the development and refinement of productivity-based management techniques. The purpose of this book is to review and evaluate some of the new contributions in this area. The analysis of productivity-based management in this book encompasses planning, decision making and control methods which explicitly incorporate techniques designed to measure, monitor, induce and improve underlying productivity performance in production, financial planning, marketing and international operations. These productivity-based methods can easily accommodate built-in efficiency incentives designed to motivate people vii viii PRODUCTIVITY BASED MANAGEMENT working in decentralized organizations toward goal congruent behavior. It is argued throughout the book that productivity-based management, at its best, is likely to improve significantly the efficiency and effectiveness of economic enterprises.



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