Exposure and Health Effects

  • Charles O. Abernathy
  • Rebecca L. Calderon
  • Willard R. Chappell

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About this book


The Society of Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) Second International Conference on Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects was held June 12-14, 1995 in San Diego, California. The conference was at­ tended by 152 people who heard 41 presentations on all aspects of arsenic research. The speakers represented 14 countries. Approximately 40 of the participants and speakers were from countries other than the US. The participants represented government, academia, industry and the interested public. The sponsorship ofthe conference is a good indicationofthe wide spread interest in the subject and the meeting. The sponsors, in addition to SEGH, were the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF), Kennecott Corporation, the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO), and the International Council on Metals in the Environment (ICME). The funding was split approximately equally between industry (including industrial organizations such as EPRI) and government. In addition to the many fine presentations, the meeting provided a forum for scientists from different countries to compare experiences and share information. It also provided a forum for the discussion of both scientific and policy issues between representatives of various governmental bodies (at the local, state, and federal level) and representatives of various indus­ trial organizations. These discussions occurred both in the formal meetings and informal settings during the meeting.


cancer geochemistry kinetics methylation research toxicity

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