Oryza: From Molecule to Plant

  • Editors
  • Takuji Sasaki
  • Graham Moore

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. Katrien M. Devos, Michael D. Gale
    Pages 3-15
  3. Graham Moore, Luis Aragón-Alcaide, Michael Roberts, Steve Reader, Terry Miller, Tracie Foote
    Pages 17-23
  4. D. S. Brar, G. S. Khush
    Pages 35-47
  5. Atsushi Yoshimura, Osamu Ideta, Nobuo Iwata
    Pages 49-60
  6. Masahiro Nakagahra, Kazutoshi Okuno, Duncan Vaughan
    Pages 69-77
  7. Yoshiaki Nagamura, Baltazar A. Antonio, Takuji Sasaki
    Pages 79-87
  8. Susan R. McCouch, Xiuli Chen, Olivier Panaud, Svetlana Temnykh, Yunbi Xu, Yong Gu Cho et al.
    Pages 89-99
  9. Nori Kurata, Yosuke Umehara, Hiroshi Tanoue, Takuji Sasaki
    Pages 101-113
  10. Hong-Bin Zhang, Rod A. Wing
    Pages 115-127
  11. Kimiko Yamamoto, Takuji Sasaki
    Pages 135-144
  12. Masahiro Yano, Takuji Sasaki
    Pages 145-153
  13. Stephen A. Quarrie, David A. Laurie, Jiahui Zhu, Claude Lebreton, Andrei Semikhodskii, Andrew Steed et al.
    Pages 155-165
  14. David A. Laurie
    Pages 167-177
  15. Pamela C. Ronald
    Pages 179-186
  16. Paul Christou
    Pages 197-203
  17. Yukoh Hiei, Toshihiko Komari, Tomoaki Kubo
    Pages 205-217
  18. Takeshi Izawa, Tohru Ohnishi, Toshitsugu Nakano, Nobuhiro Ishida, Hiroyuki Enoki, Hisako Hashimoto et al.
    Pages 219-229
  19. Samuel W. Cartinhour
    Pages 241-251
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 253-254

About this book


Recent studies have shown that despite gross differences in genome size, the gene order in the cereal genomes has remained remarkably similar. This observation implies that the small genome of rice will reflect the basic structure of the cereal genomes. Rice will therefore become an important tool for all cereal geneticists/molecular biologists as information generated by rice breeders/geneticists/molecular biologists becomes combined in databases with that generated by researchers studying other cereals. Rice research will therefore be of interest to all cereal breeders/geneticists/molecular biologists. This Edition reviews the current state of knowledge of its genome, genes, germplasm collections, trait analysis, breeding systems, mutator systems, transformation and diseases.


Contig Moore agrobacterium breeding chromosome conservation development gene genes genome phenotype plant rice sequencing structure

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