CAAD futures 1997

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures held in Munich, Germany, 4–6 August 1997

  • Richard Junge
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Keynote Papers

    1. Gerhard Schmitt
      Pages 3-13
    2. Thomas Bock
      Pages 15-43
    3. Chuck Eastman, Tay Sheng Jeng, Roy Chowdbury, Kim Jacobsen
      Pages 45-59
  3. Shapes, Grammars and Types

    1. Dean Bruton
      Pages 71-82
    2. Michael Hellgardt, Sourav Kundu
      Pages 83-96
    3. Jos P. van Leeuwen, Harry Wagter
      Pages 97-115
    4. Henri Achten
      Pages 117-133
  4. Design Support

  5. Exploration and Evaluation

    1. Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D. Gross
      Pages 189-202
    2. Ardeshir Mahdavi
      Pages 219-229
    3. A. Mahdavi, V. Pal
      Pages 231-244
    4. Alexander Koutamanis
      Pages 245-266
    5. Neander F. Silva, Alan H. Bridges
      Pages 267-284
    6. Jan Peter Riegel, Martin Schütze, Gerhard Zimmermann
      Pages 285-298
    7. Daniel C. Glaser
      Pages 305-310
    8. Naai-Jung Shih, Chie-Shan Yan
      Pages 311-316
  6. Environment and Simulation

  7. Collaboration in Design

    1. Mark D. Gross, Laura Parker, Ame M. Elliott
      Pages 373-387
    2. Daniel E. Tsai, Sungah Kim
      Pages 417-430
    3. Sungho Woo, Eunjoo Lee, Tsuyoshi Sasada
      Pages 443-452
    4. Rivka Oxman, Anat Sarid, Shoshi Bar-Eli, Ruth Rotenshtreich
      Pages 453-473
    5. Jeffrey Huang, Spiro N. Pollalis
      Pages 481-488
  8. Product Model and Virtual Exterprises

    1. Niklaus Kohler, Bertram Barth, Sandro Heitz, Manfred Hermann
      Pages 519-531
    2. Rudi Stouffs, Ramesh Krishnamurti
      Pages 553-564
    3. Shun Watanabe, Kiichiro Komatsu
      Pages 565-570
    4. Richard Junge, Thomas Liebich
      Pages 571-589
    5. Richard Junge, Manfred Köthe, Karsten Schulz, Alain Zarli, Wim Bakkeren
      Pages 591-616
    6. Richard Junge, Rasso Steinmann, Klaus Beetz
      Pages 617-634
  9. Virtual Reality

    1. Jen S. Lewin, Mark Ehrhardt, Mark D. Gross
      Pages 635-654
    2. Daniel E. Tsai
      Pages 655-662
    3. Vassilis Bourdakis
      Pages 663-678
    4. A. Radford, R. Woodbury, G. Braithwaite, S. Kirkby, R. Sweeting, E. Huang
      Pages 679-690

About these proceedings


Since the establishment of the CAAD futures Foundation in 1985 CAAD experts from all over the world meet every two years to present and at the same time document the state of art of research in Computer Aided Architectural Design. The history of CAAD futures started in the Netherlands at the Technical Universities of Eindhoven and Delft, where the CAAD futures Foundation came into being. Then CAAD futures crossed the oceans for the first time, the third CAAD futures in 1989 was held at Harvard University. Next stations in the evolution were in 1991 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the ETC, Zürich. In 1993 the conference was organized by Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and in 1995 by National University, Singapore, CAAD futures 1995 marked the world wide nature by organizing it for the first time in Asia.
Proceedings of CAAD futures held biannually provide a complete review of the state of research in Computer Aided Architectural Design.


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  • Richard Junge
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  1. 1.Faculty for ArchitectureTechnical University MunichMunichGermany

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