Biological Nitrogen Fixation for the 21st Century

Proceedings of the 11th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, July 20–25, 1997

  • C. Elmerich
  • A. Kondorosi
  • W. E. Newton

Part of the Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture book series (PSBA, volume 31)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Keynote Lecture

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. Schell, J. Schmidt, M. John, H. Röhrig
      Pages 3-5
  3. Chemistry and Biochemistry

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 7-7
    2. D. C. Rees, H. Schindelin, C. Kisker, J. Schlessman, J. W. Peters, L. C. Seefeldt et al.
      Pages 11-16
    3. D. R. Dean, J. Christianson, P. Yuvaniyama, L. Zheng, V. Cash, J. Agar et al.
      Pages 27-31
    4. P. W. Ludden, V. K. Shah, G. P. Roberts, C. Rüttimann-Johnson, P. Rangaraj, T. Foulger et al.
      Pages 33-38
    5. L. C. Seefeldt, M. J. Ryle, J. M. Chan, W. N. Lanzilotta
      Pages 39-42
    6. B. E. Smith, F. Yousafzai, R. R. Eady, C. A. Gormal, S. Mayer, S. M. Roe et al.
      Pages 43-46
    7. L. A. Syrtsova, S. Y. Druzhinin, E. T. Rubtsova, N. I. Shkondina
      Pages 49-50
    8. V. K. Shah, P. Rangaraj, R. Chatterjee, R. M. Allen, J. T. Roll, G. P. Roberts et al.
      Pages 51-52
    9. R. N. F. Thorneley, G. A. Ashby, S. J. George, C. W. Wharton
      Pages 53-54
    10. E. Krahn, B. J. R. Weiss, M. Kröckel, S. P. Cramer, A. X. Trautwein, K. Schneider et al.
      Pages 59-60
    11. F. E. Dodd, S. S. Hasnain, Z. H. L. Abraham, R. R. Eady, B. E. Smith
      Pages 67-68
    12. W. E. Newton, J. S. Cantwell, K. Fisher
      Pages 74-74
    13. J. G. Grossmann, S. S. Hasnain, F. K. Yousafzai, B. E. Smith, R. R. Eady
      Pages 75-75
    14. H.-L. Wan, J.-W. Huang, F.-Z. Zhang, Y. Wu, L.-S. Xu, J. L. Li et al.
      Pages 78-79
  4. Genetics and Regulation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 81-81
    2. R. Dixon, S. Austin, T. Eydmann, S. Hill, S.-O. Kim, P. Macheroux et al.
      Pages 87-92
    3. R. Haselkorn, D. Schlictman, K. Jones, W. J. Buikema
      Pages 93-96
    4. G. P. Roberts, P. W. Ludden, Y. Zhang, K. Kim, S. Grunwald, C. Halbleib et al.
      Pages 97-100
    5. M. Foussard, E. Soupène, A. M. Garnerone, D. Capela, D. Cabanes, P. Boistard et al.
      Pages 101-106
    6. L. He, E. Soupène, S. Kustu
      Pages 107-110
    7. J. A. Leigh, P. S. Kessler, D. C. Blank
      Pages 115-116
    8. Genetics and Regulation of Nitrogen Fixation

      1. T. Arcondéguy, I. Huez, P. Tillard, C. Gangneux, F. de Billy, A. Gojon et al.
        Pages 121-122
      2. P. Rudnick, R. Colnaghi, A. Green, C. Kennedy
        Pages 123-124
      3. D. Meletzus, K. Teixeira, O. Perlova, R. Nawroth, E. Zellermann, T. Morgan et al.
        Pages 125-126
      4. A. Van Dommelen, V. Keijers, J. Vanderleyden, M. DeZamaroczy
        Pages 127-128
      5. F. O. Pedrosa, E. M. Souza, E. M. Benelli, I. M. P. Machado, M. B. R. Steffens, G. Klassen et al.
        Pages 129-130
      6. E. Morett, K. Juarez, S. Davila, L. Olvera, S. Caro, H. Flores
        Pages 133-134
      7. Evelyne Bauer, Thomas Kaspar, Kelnor Panglungtshang, Ralf Emmerich, Hans-Martin Fischer, Hauke Hennecke
        Pages 135-136

About this book


Nitrogen availability is one of the most critical factors that limits plant productivity. The largest reservoir of nitrogen is the atmosphere, but this gaseous molecular nitrogen only becomes available to plants through the biological nitrogen fixation process, which only prokaryotic cells have developed. The discovery that microbes were providing fixed nitrogen to legumes and the isolation of the first nitrogen-fixing bacteria occured at the end the 19th Century, in Louis Pasteur's time. We are now building on more than 100 years of research in this field and looking towards the 21st Century. The International Nitrogen Fixation Congress series Started more than 20 years ago. The format of this Congress is designed to gather scientists from very diverse origins, backgrounds, interests and scientific approaches and is a forum where fundamental knowledge is discussed alongside applied research. This confluence of perspectives is, we believe, extremely beneficial in raising new ideas, questions and concepts.


Symbiose biochemistry metabolism microbe nitrogen photosynthesis regulation

Editors and affiliations

  • C. Elmerich
    • 1
  • A. Kondorosi
    • 2
  • W. E. Newton
    • 3
  1. 1.Département des BiotechnologiesInstitut PasteurParisFrance
  2. 2.Institut des Sciences VégétalesCNRSGif-sur-YvetteFrance
  3. 3.Department of BiochemistryVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburgUSA

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