Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Taxonomy, Systematics and Biogeography

  3. Life History and Ecological Genetics

  4. Behaviour

  5. Trophic Interactions and Community Structure

    1. Lovrenc Lipej, Patricija Mozetič, Valentina Turk, Alenka Malej
      Pages 197-203
    2. János Korponai, Kálmán Mátyás, Gábor Paulovits, István Tátrai, Nóra Kovács
      Pages 211-221
    3. Maria-José Caramujo, M. Cristina Crispim, Maria-José Boavida
      Pages 243-252
    4. Steven Declerck, Luc De Meester, Nicole Podoor, José M. Conde-Porcuna
      Pages 265-275
  6. Invited Contributions: Personal Views on the Future of Cladoceran Research

    1. Petter Larsson, Maria Rosa Miracle
      Pages 287-289
    2. Joop Ringelberg
      Pages 291-294
    3. Paul D. N. Hebert, Derek J. Taylor
      Pages 295-299
    4. Henri J. Dumont
      Pages 301-303

About these proceedings


Cladocerans are increasingly used in many fields of science and this volume covers a wide range of such topics. Cladocerans have a strong influence on freshwater ecosystems and in some aspects they can be used in biomanipulation projects.
Their fast and easy asexual reproduction offers a wide range of possibilities for studies in many fields of research: genetics, ecology, ecotoxicology, etc. In some ways they are the Drosophila of the present day. Their global distribution makes them of special interest from a phylogenetic and biogeographic as well as an ecological point of view.
Apart from the proceedings of previous symposia, there are no other books which cover the whole range of aspects. These proceedings update the last symposia as well as including completely new information on certain fields of research.
Target groups are research scientists within ecology, systematic biology, evolutionary biology and population biology. The book could also be a useful source of information for special courses for students of the above mentioned topics.


biogeography biology ecology ecosystem evolution evolutionary biology genetics

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