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Cell Culture Engineering VI

  • Michael J. Betenbaugh
  • Jeffrey J. Chalmers
  • Rob Arathoon
  • Frank W. R. Chaplen
  • Alison J. Mastrangelo

Part of the Current Applications of Cell Culture Engineering book series (CACC, volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. H. David Humes, Angela J. Funke, Deborah A. Buffington
    Pages 1-8
  3. Andrea Hawerkamp, Dirk Lütkemeyer, Frank Gudermann, Anna Falkenhain, Heino Büntemeyer, Jürgen Lehmann
    Pages 19-29
  4. Bernard Massie, Dick D. Mosser, Maria Koutroumanis, Isabelle Vitté-Mony, Linda Lamoureux, France Couture et al.
    Pages 53-64
  5. František Franěk, Antonín Holý, Ivan Votruba, Tomáš Eckschlager
    Pages 65-72
  6. G. Schoofs, T. J. Monica, J. Ayala, J. Horwitz, T. Montgomery, G. Roth et al.
    Pages 81-89
  7. Noelle-Anne Sunstrom, Masood Baig, Louise Cheng, Derick Payet Sugyiono, Peter Gray
    Pages 91-99
  8. James Varani, Felicia Piel, Sean Josephs, Ted F. Beals, William J. Hillegas
    Pages 101-109
  9. Martin Fussenegger, Samuel Moser, James E. Bailey
    Pages 111-125
  10. Anthony S. Lubiniecki
    Pages 139-145
  11. Janet H. Parham, Marie A. Iannone, Laurie K. Overton, Jeff T. Hutchins
    Pages 147-155
  12. L. K. Nielsen, J. G. Bender, W. M. Miller, E. T. Papoutsakis
    Pages 157-162
  13. Steven M. Woodside, Bruce D. Bowen, James M. Piret
    Pages 163-175
  14. A. Perani, R. P. Singh, R. Chauhan, M. Al-Rubeai
    Pages 177-188

About this book


The latest edition in this continuing series includes the newest advances in the rapidly evolving field of animal cell culture, genetic manipulations for heterologous gene expression, cell line enhancements, improved bioreactor designs and separations, gene therapy manufacturing, tissue engineering, anti-apoptosis strategies and cell cycle research. The contents include new research articles as well as critical reviews on emerging topics such as viral and viral-like agent contamination of animal cell culture components. These papers were carefully selected from contributions by leading academic and industrial experts in the biotechnology community at the recent Cell Culture Engineering VI Meeting in San Diego, USA, 1998. However, the book is not merely a proceedings.
Audience: Biochemical engineers, cell biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists and other disciplines related to cell culture engineering, working in the academic environment and the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry.


Expression Mammalia Nucleotide Tissue Engineering Viruses Vivo biotechnology gene expression gene therapy gene transfer metabolism

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  • Michael J. Betenbaugh
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  • Jeffrey J. Chalmers
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  • Rob Arathoon
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  • Frank W. R. Chaplen
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  • Alison J. Mastrangelo
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