Science and Art Symposium 2000

3rd International Conference on Flow Interaction of Science and Art with Exhibition/Lectures on Interaction of Science & Art, 28.2 — 3.3 2000 at the ETH Zurich

  • Albert Gyr
  • Petros D. Koumoutsakos
  • U. Burr

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Scientific computing visualization — a new venue in the arts

  3. Vortices

    1. L. Schouveiler, T. Leweke, M. Lansac, M. Provansal
      Pages 21-28
    2. C. C. K. Tang, R. C. K. Leung, N. W. M. Ko
      Pages 29-34
  4. Art is Dominant

    1. Arkady Tsinober
      Pages 51-57
    2. N. Yurchenko
      Pages 59-64
  5. Turbulence: Coherent Structures

    1. S. McIlwain, A. Pollard, S. Amalfi
      Pages 79-84
  6. Turbulence: Statistic Aspects

  7. Art

    1. Georg Emanuel Koppenwallner, Ludwig Plotter
      Pages 117-126
  8. Visualization and Representation

    1. S. Alekseenko, D. Markovich
      Pages 127-138
  9. Stabilities

  10. Controlling, Biofluidmechanics and Laminar Flows

    1. Yih-Far Chen, Joon Mo Yang, Jen-Jr. Gau, Chih-Ming Ho, Yu-Chong Tai
      Pages 159-168
    2. W. Hage, D. W. Bechert, M. Bruse
      Pages 169-175
    3. P. Koumoutsakos, J. Walther, J. Sagredo
      Pages 177-177
    4. Ryuji Takaki, Hiroko Kitaoka
      Pages 179-184
    5. Lyudmyla Koryenna
      Pages 185-190
    6. Insa Neuweiler, Wolfgang Kinzelbach
      Pages 191-200
  11. Waves

    1. Tatyana S. Krasnopolskaya, Valeria Melechko
      Pages 201-210
    2. Valeri Goriatchev, Nikolay Ivanov, Evgueni Smirnov
      Pages 211-216
  12. Elasticity and Rheology

    1. Bernhard Gampert, Thomas Eich, Christoph Wilkes
      Pages 233-238
  13. MHD, Astro-Physics and Topology

    1. Werner Benger, Hans-Christian Hege, Stefan Heusler
      Pages 239-256
    2. Renzo L. Ricca
      Pages 263-268
    3. A. Gyr, A. Müller
      Pages 269-274
    4. W. Egli, E. A. Gerteisen, J. J. Keller
      Pages 275-278
  14. Miscellaneous

    1. A. Y. W. Chiu, N. W. M. Ko
      Pages 279-284
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 285-342

About this book


Some words about SCART 2000. SCART stands for science and art. SCART meetings are organized in a loose time sequence by an international group of scientists, most of them fluid-dynamicists. The first meeting was held in Hong-Kong, the second one in Berlin, and the third, and latest, one in Zurich. SCART meetings include a scientific conference and a number of art events. The intention is to restart a dialogue between scientists and artists which was so productive in the past. To achieve this goal several lectures given by scientists at the conference are intended for a broader public. In the proceedings they are denoted as SCART lectures. The artists in tum address the main theme of the conference with their contributions. The lectures at SCART 2000 covered the entire field of fluiddynamics, from laminar flows in biological systems to astrophysical events, such as the explosion of a neutron star. The main exhibition by Dutch and Swiss artists showed video and related art under the title 'Walking on Air'. Experimental music was performed in two concerts.


computational fluid dynamics dynamics fluid dynamics fluid mechanics heat transfer hydromechanics turbulence turbulent flow vortices waves

Editors and affiliations

  • Albert Gyr
    • 1
  • Petros D. Koumoutsakos
    • 2
    • 3
  • U. Burr
    • 1
  1. 1.IHW-ETH ZurichSwitserland
  2. 2.IFD-ETH ZurichSwitserland
  3. 3.CTR-NASA AmesUSA

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