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Transposable Elements and Genome Evolution

  • Editors
  • John F. McDonald

Part of the Georgia Genetics Review 1 book series (GEGR, volume 1)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Introduction

    1. John F. McDonald
      Pages 1-2
  3. Mechanisms and dynamics of transposable element evolution

    1. Emmanuelle Lerat, Frédéric Brunet, Claude Bazin, Pierre Capy
      Pages 15-25
    2. Vladimir V. Kapitonov, Jerzy Jurka
      Pages 27-37
    3. Carlos M. Vicient, Ruslan Kalendar, Kesara Anamthawat-Jónsson, Annu Suoniemi, Alan H. Schulman
      Pages 53-63
    4. Ana Paula P. Costa, Katia C. Scortecci, Regina Y. Hashimoto, Paula G. Araujo, Marie-Angele Grandbastien, Marie-Anne Van Sluys
      Pages 65-72
    5. Margaret G. Kidwell, Michael B. Evgen’ev
      Pages 103-111
    6. Christian Biémont, Cristina Vieira, Nathalie Borie, David Lepetit
      Pages 113-120
    7. Dušan Kordiš, Franc Gubenšek
      Pages 121-128
    8. Stephen I. Wright, Daniel J. Schoen
      Pages 139-148
    9. Astrid M. Roy, Marion L. Carroll, David H. Kass, Son V. Nguyen, Abdel-Halim Salem, Mark A. Batzer et al.
      Pages 149-161
    10. Daniel S. York, Vincent M. Blum, Jonathan A. Low, Diane J. Rowold, Valery Puzyrev, Victor Saliukov et al.
      Pages 163-170
  4. The impact of transposable elements on host genome evolution

About this book


Once considered merely `selfish' or `parasitic' DNA, transposable elements are today recognized as being of major biological significance. Not only are these elements a major source of mutation, they have contributed both directly and indirectly to the evolution of genome structure and function.
On October 8-10, 1999, 100 molecular biologists and evolutionists representing 11 countries met on the campus of The University of Georgia in Athens for the inaugural Georgia Genetics Symposium. The topics of presentations ranged from how the elements themselves have evolved to the impact transposable elements have had on the evolution of their host genomes. The papers in this volume therefore represent state-of-the-art thinking, by leading world experts in the field, on the evolutionary significance of transposable elements.


Chromosom DNA Embryo Telomere evolution evolutionary significance genes genetics saccharomyces cerevisiae

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