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Tilapias: Biology and Exploitation

  • Malcolm C. M. Beveridge
  • Brendan J. McAndrew

Part of the Fish and Fisheries Series book series (FIFI, volume 25)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. G. F. Turner, R. L. Robinson
    Pages 33-58
  3. M. C. M. Beveridge, D. J. Baird
    Pages 59-87
  4. L. G. Ross
    Pages 89-128
  5. R. H. Lowe-McConnell
    Pages 129-162
  6. K. Lorenzen
    Pages 163-225
  7. D. J. Penman, B. J. McAndrew
    Pages 227-266
  8. D. C. Little, G. Hulata
    Pages 267-326
  9. K. Jauncey
    Pages 327-375
  10. P. Edwards, C. K. Lin, A. Yakupitiyage
    Pages 377-403
  11. J. Muir, J. van Rijn, J. Hargreaves
    Pages 405-445
  12. J. A. Young, J. F. Muir
    Pages 447-487
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 489-508

About this book


Referred to in the Bible, pictured on the wall-friezes of ancient Egyptian tombs, and a subject of fascination for generations of scientists, the tilapias (Cichlidae: Tilapiini) have featured in the diet and culture of humankind for thousands of years. The present century has seen their spread from Africa throughout the tropics and sub-tropics, largely for food and fisheries purposes.
This book attempts to pull together our knowledge of this important group - their biology and fisheries and aquaculture - in a single volume, something that has not been done comprehensively for nearly two decades. A succession of chapters by acknowledged authorities covers evolution, phylogenetic relationships and biogeography, reproductive biology, mating systems and parental care, diet, feeding and digestive physiology, environmental physiology and energetics, the role of tilapias in ecosystems, population dynamics and management, genetics, seed production, nutrition, farming, economics and marketing. The book is aimed at biologists, fisheries scientists, aquaculturists, and all interested in aquatic ecology.


Aquaculture Seen biogeography ecology ecosystem environment evolution physiology

Editors and affiliations

  • Malcolm C. M. Beveridge
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  • Brendan J. McAndrew
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  1. 1.Institute of AquacultureUniversity of StirlingStirlingScotland

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`Given the importance of tilapias globally to ecosystems and human food production, this book is a highly recommended addition to the library of any researcher working with this species.'
The quarterly review of Biology, 76