Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language

Essays in Honor of S.-Y. Kuroda

  • Carol Georgopoulos
  • Roberta Ishihara

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Noriko Akatsuka
    Pages 25-37
  3. Ann Banfield
    Pages 39-50
  4. Samuel S. Epstein
    Pages 149-179
  5. Osamu Fujimura
    Pages 207-216
  6. Carol Georgopoulos
    Pages 217-238
  7. Grant Goodall
    Pages 239-254
  8. Kenneth Hale, Laverne Masayesva Jeanne, Paula M. Pranka
    Pages 255-270
  9. Hajime Hoji
    Pages 287-304
  10. C.-T. James Huang
    Pages 305-332
  11. Roberta Ishihara
    Pages 333-352
  12. Susumu Kuno
    Pages 373-396
  13. Béatrice Lamiroy
    Pages 397-413
  14. James D. McCawley
    Pages 415-433
  15. Shigeru Miyagawa, Mari Nakamura
    Pages 435-448
  16. Ma
    William J. Poser
    Pages 449-458
  17. Mamoru Saito
    Pages 467-486
  18. Walter J. Savitch
    Pages 487-500
  19. Elisabeth Selkirk, Koichi Tateishi
    Pages 519-543
  20. Avrum Stroll
    Pages 595-613
  21. John Whitman
    Pages 615-628
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 629-678

About this book


The thirty-two papers in this collection are offered to Professor S.-Y. Kuroda by his friends, as a ge sture of their deep respect and enduring affection. One of the many ways in which Professor Kuroda has impressed us all is in the breadth of his interests and areas of expertise. He is one of those rare scholars whose work and interests span the whole range of his discipline. He is a figure of such intellectual stature that he has inspired, influenced, and encouraged researchers in an astonishing variety of projects. He continues to do so at an unslackened pace today, just as his own productivity remains vigorous. But mention of Yuki's inspiration and influence is inadequate without mention of his special humorousness, his mischievous wit, his charm and as a friend, has added a unique warmth. Knowing Yuki, and counting him quality to our lives. We who have contributed to this collection have done so in partial acknowledgement of, and gratitude for, this benign and masterful influence. The contributions to the collection reflect the range of Yuki's own interests, and cover a rich variety of approaches to the analysis of natural language. These include papers in philosophy, psychology, computer sciencel artificial intelligence, and linguistics, and, within linguistics, the entire breadth of the field: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and computation. Though diverse in their themes, language areas, and foci, the papers are bound by their authors' common bond to Yuki.


Syntax autonom discourse grammar memory semantics

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