Language, Truth and Ontology

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  • Kevin┬áMulligan

Part of the Philosophical Studies Series book series (PSSP, volume 51)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Roderick M. Chisholm
    Pages 1-13
  3. D. M. Armstrong
    Pages 14-27
  4. Uwe Meixner
    Pages 28-36
  5. Keith Lehrer, Vann Mcgee
    Pages 37-47
  6. Barry Smith
    Pages 48-77
  7. Herbert Hochberg
    Pages 87-117
  8. Marco Santambrogio
    Pages 133-156
  9. Wolfgang Lenzen
    Pages 193-204
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 205-214

About this book


All except three of the papers in this volume were presented at the colloquium on "L'Ontologie formelle aujourd'hui", Geneva, 3-5 June 1988. The three exceptions, the papers by David Armstrong, Uwe Meixner and Wolfgang Lenzen, were presented at the colloquium on "Properties", Zinal, June 1-3, 1990. It was, incidentally, at the second of these two colloquia that the European Society for Analytic Philosophy came into being. The fathers of analytic philosophy - Moore and Russell - were in no doubt that ontology or metaphysics as well as the topics oflanguage, truth and logic constituted the core subject-matter of their "analytic realism", 1 for the task of metaphysics as they conceived things was the description of 2 the world. And logic and ontology are indissolubly linked in the system of the grandfather of analytic philosophy, Frege. After the Golden Age of analytic philosophy - in Cambridge and Austria - opposition to realism as well as the "linguistic turn" contributed for a long time to the eclipse of ontology. 3 Thanks in large measure to the work of some of the senior contributors to the present volume - Roderick Chisholm, Herbert Hochberg, David Armstrong and Karel Lambert - ontology and metaphysics now enjoy once again the central position they occupied some eighty years ago in the heyday of analytic philosophy.


Aristotle Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Gottlob Frege causality concept event individual intention mathematics nature ontology painting probability subject truth

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