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Problems in Applied, Industrial and Engineering Mathematics

  • H. K. Kuiken
  • S. W. Rienstra

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. H. W. Hoogstraten, H. C. J. Hoefsloot, L. P. B. M. Janssen
    Pages 21-37
  3. A. J. M. Spencer
    Pages 107-118
  4. A. E. P. Veldman, K. Rinzema
    Pages 119-130
  5. John V. Wehausen
    Pages 153-158
  6. L. van Wijngaarden, J. Buist
    Pages 195-210
  7. Ronald W. Yeung, P. Ananthakrishnan
    Pages 211-230
  8. L. J. M. van de Klundert, E. M. J. Niessen, P. J. Zandbergen
    Pages 231-265

About this book


This book contains contributions by sixteen editors of a single journal specialised in real-world applications of mathematics, particularly in engineering. These papers serve to indicate that applying mathematics can be a very exciting and intellectually rewarding activity. Among the applied fields we note Thermal and Marangoni convection. High-pressure gas-discharge lamps, Potential flow in a channel, Thin airfoil problems, Cooling of a fibre, Moving-contact-line problems, Spot disturbance in boundary layers, Fibre-reinforced composites, Numerics of nonuniform grids, Stewartson layers on a rotating disk, Causality and the radiation condition, Nonlinear elastic membranes, Acoustics in bubbly liquids, Oscillation of a floating body in a viscous fluid, Electromagnetics of superconducting composites. Applied mathematicians, theoretical physicists and engineers will find a lot in this book that will be of interest to them.


Emission Mathematica numerics oscillation plasticity

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  • H. K. Kuiken
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  • S. W. Rienstra
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  1. 1.Eindhoven University of TechnologyEindhovenThe Netherlands

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