Basic and applied aspects

  • S. J. H. Rizvi
  • V. Rizvi

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  2. S. J. H. Rizvi, H. Haque, V. K. Singh, V. Rizvi
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  3. John Lovett, Matthew Ryuntyu
    Pages 11-19
  4. G. B. Williamson, D. R. Richardson, N. H. Fischer
    Pages 59-75
  5. E. Sarobol, I. C. Anderson
    Pages 87-100
  6. L. J. Corcuera, V. H. Argandoña, G. E. Zúñiga
    Pages 119-127
  7. W. Oleszek, M. Jurzysta, P. M. Górski
    Pages 151-167
  8. A. G. Ferreira, M. E. A. Aquila, U. S. Jacobi, V. Rizvi
    Pages 243-250
  9. I. S. Alsaadawi
    Pages 251-269
  10. A. L. Anaya, R. C. Ortega, V. Nava Rodriguez
    Pages 271-301
  11. P. Hepperly, H. Aguilar-Erazo, R. Perez, M. Diaz, C. Reyes
    Pages 357-370
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About this book


Science is essentially a descriptive and experimental device. It observes nature, constructs hypotheses, plans experiments and proposes theories. The theory is never contemplated as the 'final truth', but remains ever subject to modifications, changes and rejections. The science of allelopathy in a similar way has emerged, and exists on a similar footing; our endeavour should be to keep it fresh and innovative with addition of newer in­ formation and concepts with the rejection of older ideas and antiquated techniques. During the past few decades encouraging results have been obtained in various aspects of allelopathic researches. However, in addition to continuing efforts in all these directions, constant attempts are to be made to describe the mechanics of allelopathic activity in molecular terms and to discover ways and means to exploit it for the welfare of mankind. We feel that multidisciplinary efforts are the only tool to achieve this goal. It is the hope of the editors that this book will serve as a document which identifies an integrated approach, through which research both to understand and exploit allelopathy can be conducted. The present volume arose out of an attempt to bring together eminent scientists in allelopathy to describe their work, of a highly diverse nature, under one title.


Neem Shrub bacteria forest nitrogen protein soil synthesis

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  1. 1.Laboratory of Allelopathy and Natural Products Department of Botany and Plant Physiology Faculty of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesRajendra Agricultural UniversityPusaIndia

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