Disease Management in Cocoa

Comparative epidemiology of witches’ broom

  • S. A. Rudgard
  • A. C. Maddison
  • T. Andebrhan

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. B. E. J. Wheeler, Carmen Suárez
    Pages 9-19
  3. S. A. Rudgard, T. Andebrhan, A. C. Maddison, R. A. Schmidt
    Pages 21-24
  4. S. A. Rudgard, T. Andebrhan, A. C. Maddison, R. A. Schmidt
    Pages 25-31
  5. T. Andebrhan, J. C. B. Costa, A. L. P. Carvalho, P. Albuquerque
    Pages 33-56
  6. A. C. Maddison, G. Macias, C. Moreira, J. Aragundi
    Pages 73-92
  7. C. Williams, F. James
    Pages 93-102
  8. S. Mohan, T. N. Sreenivasan
    Pages 103-118
  9. R. Silva-Acuña, E. H. Reyes, R. F. Colmenares
    Pages 119-130
  10. R. A. Schmidt, S. A. Rudgard, A. C. Maddison, T. Andebrhan
    Pages 131-155
  11. T. Andebrhan, A. C. Maddison, R. Arias, L. A. Maffia
    Pages 157-164
  12. A. C. Maddison, T. Andebrhan, F. Aranzazu, R. Silva-Acuña
    Pages 165-188
  13. H. M. Rocha, R. A. C. Miranda, R. B. Sgrillo, R. A. Setubal
    Pages 189-200
  14. S. A. Rudgard, T. Andebrhan, A. C. Maddison, R. A. Schmidt
    Pages 201-211
  15. S. A. Rudgard, T. Andebrhan, A. C. Maddison, R. A. Schmidt
    Pages 213-220
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 221-249

About this book


The Monograph deals with the conception, planning, implementation, results and conclusions of the International Witches' Broom Project (IWBP), which was set up in 1985 with the aim of producing an economic management system for witches' broom disease of cocoa. The contributions of the various sponsors, and the roles played by the participating organizations and scientists are described in the introductory chapter. Chapter 2 provides a review of what was, and what was not known from published literature about the cocoa­ witches' broom pathosystem in 1989. The scope of the project and the approaches used are covered in Chapter 3, while Chapters 4 to 13 report on the field studies themselves in detail. The recent appearance of witches' broom in the important cocoa area of Bahia in Brazil is described in Chapter 14, before disease management recommendations are summarised and future prospects considered in the closing chapters. The many man-years of field research in the IWBP in a total of six countries generated much useful information which was analyzed both in the individual countries and collectively. Even with a document of this size, certain information and analyses with less direct relevance to disease management had to be omitted. It is expected that more detailed treatments of certain aspects will emerge in scientific papers, and further analyses will be undertaken.


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