Planetary Systems: Formation, Evolution, and Detection

Proceedings of the First International Conference, held in Pasadena, California on December 8–10, 1992

  • Bernard F. Burke
  • Jürgen H. Rahe
  • Elizabeth E. Roettger
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. V. S. Safronov, E. L. Ruskol
    Pages 13-22
  3. Bertram Donn, J. Mark Duva
    Pages 43-47
  4. R. Neuhäuser, J. V. Feitzinger
    Pages 49-56
  5. A. Wolszczan
    Pages 67-75
  6. J. A. Phillips, S. E. Thorsett
    Pages 91-106
  7. M. R. Pérez, C. A. Grady, P. S. Thé
    Pages 115-124
  8. P. S. Thé, F. J. Molster
    Pages 125-137
  9. Neal J. Evans II, Shudong Zhou, Carsten Kömpe, C. M. Walmsley
    Pages 139-145
  10. H. Beust, A. Vidal-Madjar, R. Ferlet, A. M. Lagrange-Henri
    Pages 147-157
  11. J. Bouvier, F. Malbet, J.-L. Monin
    Pages 159-165
  12. R. Ferlet, A. Lecavelier Des Etangs, G. Perrin, A. Vidal-Madjar, F. Sèvre, F. Colas et al.
    Pages 173-180
  13. A. I. Sargent, S. V. W. Beckwith
    Pages 181-189
  14. Th. Henning, E. Thamm
    Pages 215-220
  15. C. Friedemann, H.-G. Reimann, J. Gürtler
    Pages 221-229
  16. J. E. Van Cleve, T. L. Hayward, J. W. Miles, G. E. Gull, J. Schoenwald, J. R. Houck
    Pages 231-238
  17. Nagayoshi Ohashi, Ryohei Kawabe, Masato Ishiguro, Masahiko Hayashi
    Pages 239-250
  18. Jean-François Lestrade, Dayton L. Jones, Robert A. Preston, Robert B. Phillips
    Pages 251-260
  19. R. J. Sylvester, M. J. Barlow, C. J. Skinner
    Pages 261-270
  20. R. S. Mcmillan, T. L. Moore, M. L. Perry, P. H. Smith
    Pages 271-280
  21. William D. Cochran, Artie P. Hatzes
    Pages 281-291
  22. William Borucki, David Koch
    Pages 293-298
  23. Richard Dekany, Roger Angel, Keith Hege, Dave Wittman
    Pages 299-319
  24. Jean Schneider
    Pages 321-325
  25. A. Léger, M. Pirre, F. J. Marceau
    Pages 327-333
  26. Alan Hale, Laurance R. Doyle
    Pages 335-348
  27. Pierre Connes
    Pages 357-367
  28. R. P. Korechoff, D. J. Diner, E. F. Tubbs, S. L. Gaiser
    Pages 369-383
  29. D. P. Cruikshank, M. W. Werner, D. E. Backman
    Pages 407-415
  30. H. A. Thronson Jr., T. G. Hawarden, J. Bally, D. Rapp, S. A. Stern
    Pages 423-431
  31. Steven H. Pravdo, Richard J. Terrile, Christ Ftaclas, George D. Gatewood, Eugene H. Levy
    Pages 433-440
  32. Christ Ftaclas, Andreas L. Nonnenmacher, Richard J. Terrile, Steven H. Pravdo, George D. Gatewood, Eugene H. Levy
    Pages 441-452
  33. S. Shaklan, S. Pravdo, G. Gatewood, C. Ftaclas
    Pages 453-463
  34. Back Matter
    Pages 465-487

About these proceedings


`Are there other planetary systems like ours? Other planets like ours? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?' So asks Dr. Lew Allen Jr. in the Foreword. In December of 1992, theorists, observers, and instrument builders gathered at the California Institute of Technology to discuss the search for answers to these questions. The International Conference, entitled `Planetary Systems: Formation, Evolution, and Detection' and supported through NASA's newly formed TOPS (Toward Other Planetary Systems) program, was the first of a series of conferences uniting researchers across disciplines and political boundaries to share thoughts and information on planetary systems. The conference was sponsored by NASA, hosted by JPL at Caltech, and endorsed by the 1992 International Space Year Association.
These proceedings include discussions of topics ranging from stellar, disk, and planetary formation to new ways of searching for other stellar systems containing planets. The authors represent a wide range of nationalities, disciplines, and points of view. The second international conference took place in December of 1993.


Accretion Corona Migration Planet Planetary system astrometry evolution extrasolar planet interferometry neutron star solar solar system star stellar universe

Editors and affiliations

  • Bernard F. Burke
    • 1
  • Jürgen H. Rahe
    • 2
  • Elizabeth E. Roettger
    • 3
  1. 1.Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridgeUSA
  2. 2.NASA HeadquartersWashingtonUSA
  3. 3.Jet Propulsion LaboratoryPasadenaUSA

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