Abelian Groups and Modules

Proceedings of the Padova Conference, Padova, Italy, June 23–July 1, 1994

  • Alberto Facchini
  • Claudia Menini

Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 343)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Ladislav Bican
    Pages 49-56
  3. Andreas Blass, John Irwin, Greg Schlitt
    Pages 57-66
  4. Nuri Cimen, Roger Wiegand, Sylvia Wiegand
    Pages 95-121
  5. Dikran N. Dikranjan
    Pages 123-133
  6. Alberto Facchini, Gennadi Puninski
    Pages 145-162
  7. Theodore G. Faticoni
    Pages 163-183
  8. Alexander A. Fomin, William J. Wickless
    Pages 185-192
  9. K. R. Fuller
    Pages 193-208
  10. Florida Girolami, Salah-Eddine Kabbaj
    Pages 221-226
  11. Rüdiger Göbel, Saharon Shelah
    Pages 227-237
  12. Dieter Happel
    Pages 257-276
  13. William J. Heinzer
    Pages 277-282
  14. Paul Hill, William Ullery
    Pages 291-300
  15. Jan Krempa
    Pages 313-321
  16. Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann
    Pages 323-342
  17. Saad H. Mohamed, Bruno J. Müller
    Pages 367-372
  18. Otto Mutzbauer
    Pages 373-383
  19. Adalberto Orsatti, Nicola Rodinò
    Pages 395-417
  20. Claus Michael Ringel
    Pages 419-439
  21. Nicole Snashall
    Pages 453-457
  22. Alberto Tonolo
    Pages 459-466
  23. Julius M. Zelmanowitz
    Pages 491-500
  24. Back Matter
    Pages 519-522

About this book


On the 26th of November 1992 the organizing committee gathered together, at Luigi Salce's invitation, for the first time. The tradition of abelian groups and modules Italian conferences (Rome 77, Udine 85, Bressanone 90) needed to be kept up by one more meeting. Since that first time it was clear to us that our goal was not so easy. In fact the main intended topics of abelian groups, modules over commutative rings and non commutative rings have become so specialized in the last years that it looked really ambitious to fit them into only one meeting. Anyway, since everyone of us shared the same mathematical roots, we did want to emphasize a common link. So we elaborated the long symposium schedule: three days of abelian groups and three days of modules over non commutative rings with a two days' bridge of commutative algebra in between. Many of the most famous names in these fields took part to the meeting. Over 140 participants, both attending and contributing the 18 Main Lectures and 64 Communications (see list on page xv) provided a really wide audience for an Algebra meeting. Now that the meeting is over, we can say that our initial feeling was right.


Abelian group Representation theory Vector space algebra endomorphism ring

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