Gastrointestinal Motility

Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Motility held in Aix-en-Provence, France, September 12–16, 1983

  • Claude Roman

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxi
  2. Oesophagus, Lower Oesophageal Sphincter

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. E. Richter, W. C. Wu, J. N. Blackwell, D. N. Johns, B. T. Hackshaw, D. O. Castell
      Pages 17-22
    3. F. D. Loo, W. J. Dodds, R. C. Arndorfer, K. H. Soergel, W. J. Hogan, J. F. Helm
      Pages 23-24
    4. E. H. Metman, B. Pantin, P. Le Marchand, E. Danquechin Dorval, J. Bertrand
      Pages 25-28
    5. J. E. T. Fox, E. E. Daniel, C. R. DeFaria, J. M. Rezendez, L. Rassi, J. DeRezendez Jr. et al.
      Pages 51-58
    6. I. Takahashi, E. Blank, R. H. Holloway, W. J. Dodds, J. Dent, S. Sarna et al.
      Pages 61-62
    7. A. H. Hölscher, H. F. Weiser
      Pages 63-70
  3. Gastric Motility and Emptying

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 71-71
    2. E. A. Mayer, S. Khawaja, J. Elashoff, J. H. Walsh
      Pages 75-76
    3. K. M. Sanders, A. J. Bauer, N. G. Publicover
      Pages 77-85
    4. J. A. J. Schuurkes, L. M. A. Akkermans, J. M. Van Nueten
      Pages 95-102
    5. E. Atanassova, O. Bayguinov, I. Lolova
      Pages 103-110
    6. H. J. Ehrlein, O. Keinke, M. Schemann
      Pages 111-118
    7. I. A. Eyre-Brook, G. E. Linhardt, R. H. Smallwood, A. G. Johnson
      Pages 119-120
    8. K. Schulze-Delrieu, B. Wright, C. Lu, S. S. Shirazi
      Pages 121-128
    9. B. Cranley, K. A. Kelly
      Pages 129-140
    10. F. G. Pasma, L. M. A. Akkermans, H. Y. Oei, A. J. P. M. Smout, P. Wittebol
      Pages 143-148
    11. E. Danquechin Dorval, G. P. Mueller, R. Eng, A. Durakovic, J. Conklin, A. Dubois
      Pages 157-158
    12. I. Aizawa, K. Negishi, T. Suzuki, Z. Itoh
      Pages 159-165
    13. J. P. Miolan, A. M. Lajard, P. Rega, C. Roman
      Pages 167-176
  4. Biliary Tract

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 177-177
    2. J. F. Helm, J. Christensen, W. J. Dodds, S. Sarna
      Pages 181-182
    3. K. Kraglund, J. Hjermind, F. T. Jensen, E. Øster-Jørgensen, H. Stødkilde-Jørgensen, S. A. Pedersen
      Pages 183-185
    4. C. Kotwall, F. Lennon, A. S. Clanachan, H. P. Baer, G. W. Scott
      Pages 195-202
    5. R. B. Scott, S. M. Strasberg, T. Y. El-Sharkawy, N. E. Diamant
      Pages 203-204
    6. V. Rayner, G. Wenham, R. C. Gregory
      Pages 205-211
  5. Small Intestine and Migrating Myoelectric Complexes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 213-213
    2. S. Sarna, W. Chey, R. Condon, W. Dodds, T. Myers, T. Chang
      Pages 223-230
    3. J. C. Cuber, J. P. Laplace, J. A. Chayvialle
      Pages 231-237
    4. J. Hostein, E. Schippers, J. Janssens, G. Vantrappen, M. Vandeweerd, G. Leman et al.
      Pages 239-241
    5. E. M. M. Quigley, S. F. Phillips, M. Weinbeck, A. C. Haddad
      Pages 245-246
    6. G. L. Telford, J. H. Szurszewski
      Pages 247-248
    7. E. R. Wozniak, T. R. Fenton, P. J. Milla
      Pages 265-270

About this book


This volume reviews the most recent knowledge in the field of gastrointestinal motility in health and disease. The topics addressed include basic as well as clinical data concerning the motor functions of the entire gut: the lower oesophageal sphincter and the gastro-oesophageal reflux; the gastric emptying and the role of the pylorus; the motility of the biliary tract and its disorders; the cyclic motor activity of the gut and intestinal transit; the colonic and ano-rectal motility. There are also impOltant contributions in physiology and pharmacology relating to the neurohumoral regulation of the gut, and the function of digestive smooth muscle. Several papers explore the nature of the linkage between brain and gut. a link which has long been deduced by clinicians but not, until recently, systematically explored by scientists. The individual papers, selected from a large number of submissions, have been subject to 'peer-review' by an inter­ national committee which includes both cliniCians and basic scientists. Therefore this book should serve as an up to date source of information for researchers concerned with basic sciences as well as for clinicians in gastroenterology, medicine and surgery. C. Roman v This volume is dedicated to the memory of two friends and colleagues: Professor Dr J. HELLEMANS Professor Dr H. MONGES Acknowledgments This was the 9th of this series of symposia held alternatively in Europe and North America, and the first to be held in France.


colon gastroenterology gastrointestinal tract incontinence small intestine stomach surgery

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  1. 1.Department of Physiology and Neurophysiology L.A. CNRS 205, Faculty of Sciences St JérômeUniversity AIX-MARSEILLE IIIMarseille Cedex 13France

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