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geoENV III — Geostatistics for Environmental Applications

Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications held in Avignon, France, November 22–24, 2000

  • Pascal Monestiez
  • Denis Allard
  • Roland Froidevaux
Conference proceedings

Part of the Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics book series (QGAG, volume 11)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Keynote Papers

  3. Air Pollution / Climate

    1. S. De Iaco, D. E. Myers, D. Posa
      Pages 45-56
    2. J. Deraisme, J. Humbert, G. Drogue, N. Freslon
      Pages 57-66
    3. J. J. Gómez-Hernández, E. F. Cassiraga, C. Guardiola-Albert, J. Álvarez Rodríguez
      Pages 67-78
    4. A. F. Militino, M. B. Palacios, M. D. Ugarte
      Pages 79-90
  4. Environment

  5. Health/Ecology

  6. Hydrology

About these proceedings


This volume contains selected contributions from geoENV III - the Third European Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Sciences, held in Avignon, France in November 2000.
This third book of the geoENV series illustrates the new methodological developments in geostatistics, as applied to environmental sciences, which have occurred during the last two years. It also presents a wide variety of practical environmental applications which will be of interest to both researchers and practitioners.
The book starts with two keynote papers on hydrogeology and on climatology and atmospheric pollution, followed by forty contributions. The content of this book is foremost practical. The editors have endeavored to compile a set of papers in which the readers could perceive how geostatistics is applied within environmental sciences. A few selected methodological and theoretical contributions are also included. The papers are organised in the following sections:
  • Air Pollution / Climate;
  • Environment;
  • Health / Ecology;
  • Hydrology;
  • Methods;
  • Soil Science / Site Remediation.
presenting applications varying from delineation of hazardous areas, monitoring water quality, space-time modeling of sand beaches, areal rainfall estimation, air pollution monitoring, multivariate conditional simulation, soil texture analysis, fish abundance analysis, tree productivity index estimation, radionuclide migration analysis, wombling procedure, tracer tests modeling, direct sequential co-simulation to stochastic modeling of flow and transport.
Audience: This publication will be of great interest and practical value to geostatisticians working both in academia and in industry.


Air pollution Estimator Measure Migration Oxide Sediment Transport ecology environment hydrodynamics hydrogeology hydrology pollution statistics

Editors and affiliations

  • Pascal Monestiez
    • 1
  • Denis Allard
    • 1
  • Roland Froidevaux
    • 2
  1. 1.Institut National de la Recherche AgronomiqueAvignonFrance
  2. 2.FSS Consultants SAGenevaSwitzerland

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