Interactions in the Root Environment: An Integrated Approach

Proceedings of the Millenium Conference on Rhizosphere Interactions, IACR-Rothamsted, United Kingdom 10–12 April, 2001

  • Editors
  • David S. Powlson
  • Geoff L. Bateman
  • Keith G. Davies
  • John L. Gaunt
  • Penny R. Hirsch

Part of the Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences book series (DPSS, volume 96)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Penny R. Hirsch, Simon D. Atkins, Tim H. Mauchline, C. Oliver Morton, Keith G. Davies, Brian R. Kerry
    Pages 21-30
  3. Brian Forde, Helena Lorenzo
    Pages 51-68
  4. Hong Liao, Gerardo Rubio, Xiaolong Yan, Aiqin Cao, Kathleen M. Brown, Jonathan P. Lynch
    Pages 69-79
  5. Anthony G. O’Donnell, Melanie Seasman, Andrew Macrae, Ian Waite, John T. Davies
    Pages 135-145
  6. Paul Bridge, Brian Spooner
    Pages 147-154
  7. N. C. M. Gomes, H. Heuer, J. Schönfeld, R. Costa, L. Mendonça-Hagler, K. Smalla
    Pages 167-180
  8. I. R. Delany, U. F. Walsh, I. Ross, A. M. Fenton, D. M. Corkery, F. O’Gara
    Pages 195-205

About this book


This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the Rothamsted Millennium Conference "Interactions in the Root Environment - an Integrated Approach". The meeting brought together scientists from a range of disciplines interested in the relationship between soil biology and plant growth, reflected by the contents of the volume. Topics range from root development and nutrient flow, plant-microbe and plant-plant signaling, methods for studying bacterial and fungal diversity, to the exploitation of rhizosphere interactions for biological control of diseases and soil remediation. Authors include many internationally-recognized experts in their field and the contributions range from reviews to research papers. The volume presents a timely and wide-ranging overview of the interactions between plants, microbes and soil. It should prove an indispensable resource for students and others seeking an introduction to the topic, in addition to scientists already conversant with the area of research.


RNA Regulation Transport Virus bacteria bean biodiversity environment microbe nitrogen root structure roots soil

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