Problems of Solar and Stellar Oscillations

Proceedings of the 66th IAU Colloquium held at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, U.S.S.R., 1–5 September, 1981

  • D. O. Gough

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-5
  2. D. O. Gough
    Pages 7-8
  3. V. A. Kotov, A. B. Severny, T. T. Tsap, I. G. Moiseev, V. A. Efanov, N. S. Nesterov
    Pages 9-19
  4. Philip H. Scherrer, John M. Wilcox
    Pages 37-42
  5. Gérard Grec, Eric Fossat, Martin A. Pomerantz
    Pages 55-66
  6. M. Woodard, H. Hudson
    Pages 67-73
  7. Philip H. Scherrer, John M. Wilcox, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, D. O. Gough
    Pages 75-87
  8. F.-L. Deubner
    Pages 103-109
  9. Edward J. Rhodes Jr., John W. Harvey, Thomas L. Duvall Jr.
    Pages 111-111
  10. S. E. Forbush, M. A. Pomerantz, S. P. Duggal, C. H. Tsao
    Pages 113-122
  11. J. Rösch, R. Yerle
    Pages 139-150
  12. F.-L. Deubner, J. Laufer
    Pages 151-155
  13. V. E. Merkulenko, V. I. Polyakov, L. E. Palamarchuk, N. V. Larionov
    Pages 157-161
  14. R. T. Stebbins, Philip R. Goode, Henry A. Hill
    Pages 163-164
  15. Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Søren Frandsen
    Pages 165-204
  16. E. A. Gavryuseva, Yu. S. Kopysov, G. T. Zatsepin
    Pages 209-213
  17. S. V. Vorontsov, K. I. Marchenkov
    Pages 215-222
  18. P. A. Kuzurman, A. A. Pamyatnykh
    Pages 223-230
  19. A. Claverie, G. R. Isaak, C. P. McLeod, H. B. Van Der Raay, T. Roca Cortes
    Pages 233-234
  20. Edward J. Rhodes Jr., Robert F. Howard, Roger K. Ulrich, Edward J. Smith
    Pages 245-258
  21. W. Dziembowski
    Pages 259-266
  22. J. Perdang
    Pages 297-321
  23. A. G. Kosovichev, A. B. Severny
    Pages 323-329
  24. M. Knölker, M. Stix
    Pages 331-341
  25. Gaetano Belvedere, Douglas Gough, Lucio Paternó
    Pages 343-354
  26. Y. D. Žugžda, V. Locāns, J. Staude
    Pages 369-378
  27. Jean Latour, Juri Toomre, Jean-Paul Zahn
    Pages 387-400
  28. Frank Hill, Juri Toomre, Laurence J. November
    Pages 411-425
  29. Robert Howard
    Pages 437-437
  30. V. S. Bashkirtsev, N. I. Kobanov, G. P. Mashnich
    Pages 443-445
  31. B. M. Vladimirsky, V. P. Bobova, N. M. Bondarenko, V. K. Veretennikova
    Pages 451-455
  32. Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Søren Frandsen
    Pages 469-486

About these proceedings


D. O. GOUGH Institute of Astronomy. Madingley Road. Cambridge. U. K. IAU Colloquium 66 on 'Problems of Solar and Stellar Oscillations' was held at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, U. S. S. R. , on 1-5 September, 1981. The principal purpose of the colloquium was to study the low-amplitude oscillations of the Sun and, to a lesser extent, to consider similar oscillations of other stars. Much of the emphasis of the discussions was on the diagnostic value of the oscilla­ tions. In the last few years we have become aware that the frequencies of the five-minute modes of high degree, which constitute the major component of the oscillations discovered twenty years ago by Evans and Michaud, can be used to put quite tight bounds on the stratification of the solar convection zone. These permit a calibration of solar models computed from so-called standard evolution theory. Modes of low degree penetrate beneath the convection zone to the core of the Sun, and can in principle test the evolution theory. Therefore there was considerable interest in the reports of the latest observations of such modes. Broadly speaking, those observations confirm the cali­ bration by the high-degree modes, but there remain some systematic discrepancies that demand some revision of the theory. Besides the gross aspects of evolution theory, there are also more intricate details to be understood.


Libration Variation astronomy cosmic ray helioseismology magnetosphere solar activity star stellar

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