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Motor Vehicle Science Part 1


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About this book


A motor vehicle technician has to attain high technological skills to enable him or her to diagnose faults and service modern transport vehicles and their components. Science is a branch of study concerned with the systematic investigation of observed facts, and forms an important foundation on which to build sound engineering practice. Such a background will stimulate personal development by increasing confidence and intellectual ability. This is the first of two books planned to cover the TEe U77/413 and 415 Motor Vehicle Science II and III Model programmes of study. Part 1 is intended to cover the requirements of Motor Vehicle Science II. The fundamental principles of engineering science have been applied to the motor vehicle in a systematic and progressive manner to enable the reader to follow most of the work on his or her initiative. The book is aimed mainly at the student who is attending a recognized college course leading to a Technician qualification. The importance of the college lecturer and his individual method of teaching the subject remains of prime importance to the student. The book is designed to become a valid source of information to assist the student both in and out of the classroom environment to attain his or her objective. Numerous fully worked and exercise examples are given. Plenty of practice in solving problems is an excellent way to gain knowledge of the subject, and improve confidence in preparation for an examination.


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