X-Ray Astronomy in the Exosat Era

Proceedings of the XVIII ESLAB Sysmposium, held in The Hague, The Netherlands, 5–9 November 1984

  • A. Peacock
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Galactic X-Ray Astronomy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Stellar Coronae and Isolated White Dwarfs

      1. C. J. Schrijver
        Pages 3-24
      2. N. E. White, J. L. Culhane, A. N. Parmar, B. Kellett, S. Kahn, G. H. J. van den Oord et al.
        Pages 25-33
      3. M. Landini, B. C. Monsignori-Fossi, R. Pallavicini
        Pages 43-49
      4. D. K. Bedford, K. H. Elliott, C. J. Eyles
        Pages 51-54
      5. Osmi Vilhu, John Heise
        Pages 55-62
      6. J. H. M. M. Schmitt, M. Sztajno
        Pages 69-72
      7. P. A. Charles, R. H. D. Corbet, K. Mukai, A. P. Smale, S. M. Kahn, L. V. Kuhi et al.
        Pages 73-78
      8. L. Vigroux, J. A. Paul, P. Delache, G. F. Bignami, P. A. Caraveo, L. Salotti
        Pages 91-97
    3. Cataclysmic Variables

      1. K. Beuermann, J. Osborne
        Pages 117-120
      2. J. Schrijver, A. C. Brinkman, H. van der Woerd, M. G. Watson, A. R. King, J. van Paradijs et al.
        Pages 121-126
      3. M. G. Watson, A. R. King, J. Heise
        Pages 127-133
      4. K. Beuermann, A. Schwope, H. Weissieker, C. Motch
        Pages 135-138
      5. K. Beuermann, L. Stella
        Pages 139-141
      6. J. P. Osborne, R. Rosen, K. O. Mason, K. Beuermann
        Pages 143-149
      7. K. Mukai, J. M. Bonnet-Bidaut, S. Bowyer, P. A. Charles, L. Chiappetti, J. T. Clarke et al.
        Pages 151-155
      8. J. Krautter, K. Beuermann, H. Ogelman
        Pages 156-156
      9. N. E. White, P. Giommi, A. N. Parmar, F. E. Marshall, K. O. Mason
        Pages 157-162
      10. H. van der Woerd, J. Heise
        Pages 163-166
    4. X-Ray Binary Sources — Low Mass/High Mass Systems

      1. N. E. White, K. O. Mason
        Pages 167-194
      2. M. G. Watson, R. Willingale, A. R. King, J. E. Grindlay, J. Halpern
        Pages 195-200
      3. A. C. Brinkman, R. Mewe, T. Langerwerf, J. Heise, A. Peacock, N. White
        Pages 201-206
      4. L. Chiappetti, N. E. White, S. M. Kahn, R. Shafer
        Pages 207-212
      5. A. N. Parmar, N. E. White, M. Sztajno, K. O. Mason
        Pages 213-217
      6. C. Motch, S. A. Ilovaisky, C. Chevalier, P. Angebault
        Pages 219-224
      7. K. O. Mason, P. A. Cordova, R. H. D. Corbet, G. Branduardi-Rayinont
        Pages 225-228
      8. M. W. Pakull, S. A. Ilovaisky, C. Chevalier
        Pages 229-232
      9. G. Hasinger, A. Langmeier, W. Pietsch, M. Sztajno
        Pages 233-238
      10. C. Motch, C. Chevalier, S. A. Ilovaisky, M. W. Pakull
        Pages 239-243
      11. G. M. Stollman, J. van Paradijs
        Pages 245-248
      12. M. J. L. Turner, L. M. Breedon, T. Ohashi, T. Courvoisier, H. Inoue, M. Matsuoka et al.
        Pages 249-253
      13. J. Trümper, J. van Paradijs, M. Sztajno, W. H. G. Lewin, W. Pietsch, J. Krautter et al.
        Pages 255-262
      14. M. J. L. Turner, L. M. Breedon, T. Ohashi
        Pages 263-268
      15. L. M. Breedon, M. J. L. Turner, A. King, T. Courvoisier
        Pages 269-273
      16. Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier, Arvind N. Parmar, Tony Peacock
        Pages 275-279
      17. A. P. Smale, R. H. D. Corbet, P. A. Charles, J. W. Menzies, P. Mack
        Pages 281-286
      18. M. van der Klis, F. Jansen, J. van Paradijs, G. Stollmann
        Pages 287-291
      19. M. Sztajno, J. Trümper, G. Hasinger, A. Langmeier
        Pages 293-296
      20. M. van der Klis, A. Peacock, A. Smith, N. White, K. Mason, G. Manzo
        Pages 297-304
      21. W. Priedhorsky
        Pages 305-311
      22. W. Voges, P. Kahabka, H. Ögelman, W. Pietsch, J. Trümper
        Pages 339-345
      23. H. Ögelman, P. Kahabka, W. Pietsch, J. Trümper, W. Voges
        Pages 347-353
      24. P. Kahabka, H. Ögelman, W. Pietsch, J. Trümper, W. Voges
        Pages 355-360

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Algol is a triple system containing a 70 hr eclipsing binary (K IV and B8 V) in a 694 day orbit with an A V star. The X-ray emission from this system (Schnopper et al 1976) is thought to be associated with a corona surrounding the lobe filling and synchron­ ously rotating K IV star. This is based on the similarity of the X-ray spectrum and luminosity of this system to that of the RS CVn binaries which also contain K sub-giants with similar rotation periods and the fact that the luminosity of any coronae surrounding the B8 V and AV companion stars should not be enhanced by rapid rotation (Pallavicini et al 1980, White et al 1980). The Einstein SSS measurement showed the X-ray spectrum to be two component with 6 7 temperatures of 7. 10 K and 3. 10 K (White et al. 1980). As dis­ cussed by Swank et al. (1981), the problem in understanding stellar coronae in general is how to scale up the solar model to account for the enhanced luminosities. The close to 900 inclination and similar sizes for the Band K stars of 3. 6 and 3. 8 R0 respectively make Algol an ideal candidate for an X-ray eclipse measurement wherein the size of the X-ray emitting coronal structures can be directly measured. In this paper we report a continuous observation through the secondary eclipse of Algol using the EXOSAT Observatory. 2.



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