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The First International Lake Ladoga Symposium

Proceedings of the First International Lake Ladoga Symposium: Ecological Problems of Lake Ladoga, St. Petersburg, Russia, 22–26 November 1993

  • Heikki Simola
  • Markku Viljanen
  • Tatyana Slepukhina
  • Rajasekara Murthy
Conference proceedings

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 113)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Present state of Lake Ladoga

    1. Valentina G. Drabkova, Vladislav A. Rumyantsev, Lidiya V. Sergeeva, Tatyana D. Slepukhina
      Pages 1-7
    2. Anna-Liisa Holopainen, Pertti Huttunen, Galina I. Letanskaya, Elena V. Protopopova
      Pages 9-16
    3. Tatyana D. Slepukhina, Irina V. Belyakova, Yury A. Chichikalyuk, Natalya N. Davydova, Grigori T. Frumin, Evgeny M. Kruglov et al.
      Pages 23-28
    4. Igor M. Raspopov, Inna N. Andronikova, Oksana N. Dotsenko, Eugene A. Kurashov, Galina I. Letanskaya, Vadim E. Panov et al.
      Pages 39-47
    5. Evgenii A. Kurashov, Irena V. Telesh, Vadim E. Panov, Natalya V. Usenko, Margarita A. Rychkova
      Pages 49-55
    6. Leonid K. Kudersky, Juha Jurvelius, Markku Kaukoranta, Pekka Tuunainen, Kyösti Mäkinen
      Pages 57-64
  3. Hydrodynamics of Lake Ladoga and other large water bodies

    1. Aleksander I. Sorokin, Mikhail A. Naumenko, Margarita F. Veselova
      Pages 65-67
    2. Mikhail A. Naumenko, Sergei G. Karetnikov, Aleksei I. Tikhomirov
      Pages 69-73
    3. Bernard C. Kenney
      Pages 85-90
    4. Lars Bengtsson
      Pages 91-97
    5. Aleksandr V. Leonov, Nikolai N. Filatov, Vladimir S. Titov
      Pages 103-108
    6. Timo Huttula, Jorma Koponen, Kari Lehtinen, Aarne Wahlgren, Riitta Niinioja
      Pages 117-124
  4. Water quality and pollution

    1. Ziegfrid G. Gritchenko, Lyudmila M. Ivanova, Yurii A. Panteleev, Natalya A. Tishkova, Tarja K. Ikäheimonen, Erkki Ilus et al.
      Pages 125-127

About these proceedings


Lake Ladoga is the largest lake in Europe and, with its surface of 17,891 km2 and volume of 837 km3, it ranks among the top fifteen of the world's freshwater bodies. The ecological condition of Lake Ladoga is of concern to several million people living in its surroundings. There is evidence of water quality degradation and gradual eutrophication of the lake during the past decades; on the other hand, pollution control measures have improved the situation in many of the most polluted sites near industrial effluent sources.
The first international Lake Ladoga Symposium was held in St. Petersburg on 22-26 November, 1993. The symposium was attended by 160 scientists, and about half of the papers presented at the symposium have been edited for this book. The contributions are grouped under the following headings: Present state of Lake Ladoga; Hydrodynamics of Lake Ladoga and other large water bodies; Water quality and pollution; Ecological studies of Lake Ladoga biota; History of Lake Ladoga and rates of change in its environment; Research methods for large lakes. Besides providing up-to-date information on the state of the lake, the papers deal with studies of many other large lakes of the cold-temperature zone and the general problems and methods of large lake research. Furthermore, the book is a valuable source of reference to the voluminous Russian limnological literature.


Eutrophication environment hydrodynamics lake pollution pollution control temperature water

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  • Heikki Simola
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  • Markku Viljanen
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  • Tatyana Slepukhina
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  • Rajasekara Murthy
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  1. 1.Univ. JoensuuFinland
  2. 2.Inst. LimnologySt. PetersburgRussia
  3. 3.National Water Res. InstituteBurlingtonCanada

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