International Neural Network Conference

July 9–13, 1990 Palais Des Congres — Paris — France

  • Authors
  • The International Neural Network Society (INNS), the IEEE Neural Network Council Cooperating Societies

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xlii
  2. Electronic Neurocomputers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 549-549
    2. Oral Presentation

      1. Gert Cauwenberghs, Charles F. Neugebauer, Aharon J. Agranat, Amnon Yariv
        Pages 551-554
      2. Marcin Skubiszewski
        Pages 555-558
      3. J. Ouali, G. Saucier
        Pages 563-567
      4. Jouni Tomberg, Harri Raittinen, Kimmo Kaski
        Pages 568-571
      5. Ulrich Ramacher, Matthias Wesseling, K. Goser
        Pages 572-576
      6. Jean-Christophe Lawson, Ali Chams, Jeanny Herault
        Pages 577-580
      7. Max Stanford Tomlinson Jr., Dennis J. Walker
        Pages 589-592
      8. J. B. Theeten, M. Duranton, N. Mauduit, J. A. Sirat
        Pages 593-596
    3. Poster Presentation

      1. Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Antoine de Maricourt, Pierre-Yves Alla, Joël Roman, Michel Weinfeld
        Pages 597-597
      2. P. Guyader, S. Salaun, J. Guerin
        Pages 597-597
      3. D. B. Schwartz, V. K. Samalam
        Pages 598-598
      4. T. Gencic, G. Dangelmayr
        Pages 598-598
      5. P. R. Minchinton, J. M. Bishop, R. J. Mitchell
        Pages 599-599
      6. Kalyayev Anatoly Vasilyevich, Galuyev Gennady Anatolyevich
        Pages 599-599
      7. François Blayo, Christian Lehmann
        Pages 600-600
      8. Kalyayev Anatoly Vasilyevich
        Pages 600-600
  3. Optical Neurocomputers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 601-601
    2. Oral Presentation

      1. Michael G. Robinson, Kristina M. Johnson, Lin Zhang
        Pages 603-606
      2. M. A. Neifeld, S. Kobayashi, A. A. Yamamura, D. Psaltis
        Pages 607-610
      3. Bo-Yun Koh, Yung-Wan Kwon, Hyuek-Jae Lee, Soo-Young Lee, Sang-Yung Shin
        Pages 611-614
      4. S. Jutamulia, G. M. Storti, J. Lindmayer
        Pages 615-618
      5. Ken-ichi Kitayama, Fumihiko Itoh, Yasuaki Tamura
        Pages 619-622
    3. Poster Presentation

  4. Implementation of Neural Networks Algorithms on Parallel Hardware

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 625-625
    2. Oral Presentation

    3. Poster Presentation

      1. K. A. Grajski, G. Chinn, C. Chen, C. Kuszmaul, S. Tomboulian
        Pages 673-673
      2. R. W. Hartenstein, A. G. Hirschbiel, M. Weber
        Pages 674-674
      3. J. Hoekstra, J. N. H. Heemskerk, A. J. Klaassen, R. H. Phaf, P. Knoppers, P. T. W. Hudson
        Pages 676-676
      4. P. De Pinto, F. E. Lauria
        Pages 678-678
      5. M. Marchesi, G. Orlandi, F. Piazza, A. Uncini
        Pages 679-679

About this book


Neural Networks have been the theater of a dramatic increase of activities in the last five years. The interest of mixing results from fields as different as neurobiology, physics (spin glass theory), mathematics (linear algebra, statistics ... ), computer science (software engineering, hardware architectures ... ) or psychology has attracted a large number of researchers to the field. The perspective of dramatic improvements in many applications has lead important companies to launch new neural network programs and start-ups have mushroomed to address this new market. Throughout the world large programs are being set-up: in Japan the government has committed more than $18 million per year to its 20 year Human Frontier Science program; the DARPA and the US Navy have alloted more than $10 million per year each and other US government agencies are contributing to important but less ambitious programs. Neural networks are also a major research are in the supercomputing initiative. Europe has from the beginning taken an active part in funding major projects in the new field with BRAIN, BRA, ANNIE and PYGMALION (Esprit). Approximately $20 million has been invested to date since 1988 and new programs of nearly $30 million are being funded for the next 3 years. National projects in certain countries may globally double these amounts. Neural network conferences are attracting larger audiences than ever before. Prior to 1987 attendance never surpassed 300. The June 1989 IJCNN conference in Washington had over 2200 participants.


Hardware brain computer mathematics network neural networks software software engineering

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