Language Policy Challenges in Multi-Ethnic Malaysia

  • Saran Kaur Gill

Part of the Multilingual Education book series (MULT, volume 8)

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Set in Malaysia, this book encompasses language and cultural policy challenges that many other multi-ethnic nations currently have to address. The people of Malaysia constitute a diverse ethnic, linguistic and cultural population, and one of the continuing challenges is the development and establishment of the Malaysian people’s ethnic, national and global cultural identities. This challenge is evident in the journey of language and cultural policy from the post-independence period to the 21st century; a period of over 50 years. The book highlights political, socio-cultural, economic and knowledge economy factors as they impact on decisions made by the government with regard to language policy in the various educational systems. It examines decisions made on the selection of the national language, the medium of instruction in educational systems, the varying changes in language policy for the field of science and technology and the maintenance and sustenance of minority languages.


Ethnic linguistic identity From Bahasa Melayu to English Identity formation in a multi-ethnic society Macro-sociolinguistics Medium-of-instruction Minority language in Malaysia Multi-ethnic society National level language planning

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