Phytoplankton responses to human impacts at different scales

  • Nico Salmaso
  • Luigi Naselli-Flores
  • Leonardo Cerasino
  • Giovanna Flaim
  • Monica Tolotti
  • Judit Padisák

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 221)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VI
  2. Nico Salmaso, Luigi Naselli-Flores, Leonardo Cerasino, Giovanna Flaim, Monica Tolotti, Judit Padisák
    Pages 1-3
  3. Monika Winder, Ulrich Sommer
    Pages 5-16
  4. Monica Tolotti, Hansjörg Thies, Ulrike Nickus, Roland Psenner
    Pages 61-75
  5. Elisa Carraro, Nicolas Guyennon, David Hamilton, Lucia Valsecchi, Emanuela C. Manfredi, Gaetano Viviano et al.
    Pages 77-95
  6. Carmen Rojo, Guillermo Herrera, María A. Rodrigo, María José Ortíz-Llorente, Presentación Carrillo
    Pages 97-110
  7. Matina Katsiapi, Antonios D. Mazaris, Evangelia Charalampous, Maria Moustaka-Gouni
    Pages 121-131
  8. Wendy J. Paul, David P. Hamilton, Ilia Ostrovsky, Steven D. Miller, Austin Zhang, Kohji Muraoka
    Pages 133-146
  9. Tamar Zohary, Aminadav Nishri, Assaf Sukenik
    Pages 161-174
  10. Irina Izaguirre, Luz Allende, Roberto Escaray, José Bustingorry, Gonzalo Pérez, Guillermo Tell
    Pages 203-216
  11. Igor Stanković, Tatjana Vlahović, Marija Gligora Udovič, Gábor Várbíró, Gábor Borics
    Pages 217-231
  12. András Abonyi, Maria Leitão, Anne Marie Lançon, Judit Padisák
    Pages 233-249
  13. Gábor Borics, Béla Tóthmérész, Balázs A. Lukács, Gábor Várbíró
    Pages 251-262
  14. Maya P. Stoyneva, Jean-Pierre Descy, Vanessa Balagué, Pierre Compère, Maria Leitao, Hugo Sarmento
    Pages 273-283

About this book


Phytoplankton responses to human impact at different scales provides a state-of-the-art review of changes in the phytoplankton assemblages determined by human alterations of lakes and rivers. A wide spectrum of case studies describe the effects due to eutrophication and climate change, as well as other impacts connected with watershed management, hydrological alterations and introduction of non-indigenous species. The volume also includes two wide reviews on planktonic coccoid green algae and planktic heterocytous cyanobacteria. This book is addressed to ecologists and scientists involved in phytoplankton ecology and taxonomy. Many case studies provide a sound scientific basis of knowledge for a wise management of water bodies.

Previously published in Hydrobiologia, vol. 698, 2012


Anthropogenic Impacts Climate Change Effects Phytoplankton Functional Groups Phytoplankton Molecular Taxonomy Phytoplankton Responses

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  • Monica Tolotti
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