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The book applies the principle of proportionality to a number of conventional wisdoms in the social sciences, such as in dubio pro reo and the assumption that a crime is always a crime; that you must go to war if instructed to do so. Individuals and states are not obliged to come to the aid of stricken individuals and states. The book is organised in seven chapters,  each dealing with a self-standing theme related to proportionality.


Beyond Good and Evil Evolutionary and the Personal Perspective In Dubio Pro Reo Kant and Cowardice Kant, Means and Ends Love and Proportionality Love as a Force for Evil Love as a Force for Good Provenance of Crime as an Absolute Risk-Balancing in Practice The End Justifying the Means The Inhumanity of Words When a Crime is not a Crime Where Proportionality Should Not Apply

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