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Protein Aggregation and Fibrillogenesis in Cerebral and Systemic Amyloid Disease

  • J. Robin Harris
  • This book is unique in that it contains both Basic Science and Clinical consideration of the amyloid diseases

  • Up-to-date knowledge is presented by authoritative researchers and clinicians

  • The broad range of techniques used to study amyloidogenesis is clear from the topics included in the book

  • Some emphasis appears relating the cytotoxicity of protein oligomers as well as fibrils in the genesis of amyloid disease


Part of the Subcellular Biochemistry book series (SCBI, volume 65)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-1
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. Robin Harris, Nathaniel G. N. Milton
      Pages 3-25
  3. Basic Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 27-27
    2. Núria Benseny-Cases, Oksana Klementieva, Josep Cladera
      Pages 53-74
    3. Nitin Chaudhary, Ramakrishnan Nagaraj
      Pages 75-90
    4. Katerina E. Paleologou, Omar M. A. El-Agnaf
      Pages 109-164
    5. Gennaro Esposito, Alessandra Corazza, Vittorio Bellotti
      Pages 165-183
    6. Robert J. Gasperini, David W. Klaver, Xu Hou, Marie-Isabel Aguilar, David H. Small
      Pages 211-224
    7. Yuri L. Lyubchenko, Alexey V. Krasnoslobodtsev, Sorin Luca
      Pages 225-251
    8. Moritz Lassé, Juliet A. Gerrard, F. Grant Pearce
      Pages 253-270
  4. Clinical Science: The Cerebral and Systemic Amyloid Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 327-327
    2. Vanessa J. De-Paula, Marcia Radanovic, Breno S. Diniz, Orestes V. Forlenza
      Pages 329-352
    3. Timothy R. Mhyre, James T. Boyd, Robert W. Hamill, Kathleen A. Maguire-Zeiss
      Pages 389-455

About this book


This volume of the Subcellular Biochemistry series is devoted to the aggregation and fibrillogenesis of the amyloid-forming peptides and proteins, including emphasis on oligomer formation as well as fibril formation. The diverse topics included here are presented within 22 chapters, covering many of the relevant topics from both a basic science and clinical perspective. The authorship of these chapters is thoroughly international, with authoritative contributions from active researchers. Fundamental structural and cellular studies using many different technical approaches are presented, leading through to clinical and therapeutic aspects of the amyloid diseases, considered from both pharmaceutical and natural product view points. It is hoped that this book will be of use to both biomedical scientists and clinicians wishing to keep abreast of this rapidly advancing field, of direct importance to the understanding of cerebral neurodegenerative disease and systemic amyloid disease.


Amyloid disease Amyloidogenesis Fibril Fibrillogenesis Oligomer

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  • J. Robin Harris
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  1. 1.Inst. of ZoologyUniversity of MainzMainzGermany

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