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Advances in Generative Lexicon Theory

  • James Pustejovsky
  • Pierrette Bouillon
  • Hitoshi Isahara
  • Kyoko Kanzaki
  • Chungmin Lee

Part of the Text, Speech and Language Technology book series (TLTB, volume 46)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. James Pustejovsky, Pierrette Bouillon, Hitoshi Isahara, Kyoko Kanzaki, Chungmin Lee
    Pages 1-7
  3. James Pustejovsky
    Pages 9-38
  4. Nicholas Asher, James Pustejovsky
    Pages 39-66
  5. Christian Bassac, Pierrette Bouillon
    Pages 109-126
  6. José M. Castaño
    Pages 147-179
  7. Irena Drašković, James Pustejovsky, Rob Schreuder
    Pages 181-202
  8. Yoon-shin Kim, Chungmin Lee
    Pages 227-246
  9. Louise McNally, Christopher Kennedy
    Pages 247-262
  10. Kentaro Nakatani
    Pages 263-290
  11. Chungmin Lee
    Pages 291-310
  12. Toni Badia, Roser Saurí
    Pages 327-370
  13. Christiane Fellbaum
    Pages 371-384
  14. Nicoletta Calzolari, Francesca Bertagna, Alessandro Lenci, Monica Monachini
    Pages 415-430

About this book


This collection of papers takes linguists to the leading edge of techniques in generative lexicon theory, the linguistic composition methodology that arose from the imperative to provide a compositional semantics for the contextual modifications in meaning that emerge in real linguistic usage. Today’s growing shift towards distributed compositional analyses evinces the applicability of GL theory, and the contributions to this volume, presented at three international workshops (GL-2003, GL-2005 and GL-2007) address the relationship between compositionality in language and the mechanisms of selection in grammar that are necessary to maintain this property. The core unresolved issues in compositionality, relating to the interpretation of context and the mechanisms of selection, are treated from varying perspectives within GL theory, including its basic theoretical mechanisms and its analytical viewpoint on linguistic phenomena.


Generative Lexicon Generative linguistics James Pustejovsky building GL resources computational lexicology computational linguistics corpus linguistics corpus linguistics GL interfaces in GL interfaces in generative lexicon interfacing in generative lexicon lexical semantics linguistics computing qualia structures syntax-semantics interface

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  • Pierrette Bouillon
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  • Hitoshi Isahara
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  • Kyoko Kanzaki
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  • Chungmin Lee
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  1. 1.Department Of Computer Science, Volen Center for Comples SystemsBrandeis UniversityWalthamUSA
  2. 2., Faculté de TraductionUniversité de GenèveGenevaSwitzerland
  3. 3., Information and Media CenterToyohashi University of TechnologyToyohashiJapan
  4. 4., Dept. of Ling Theory & StructureNat. Inst. f. Japanese Lang. and Ling.TachikawaJapan
  5. 5.Dept. LinguisticsSeoul National UniversitySeoulKorea, Republic of (South Korea)

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