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Reading, Writing, Mathematics and the Developing Brain: Listening to Many Voices

  • Zvia Breznitz
  • Orly Rubinsten
  • Victoria J. Molfese
  • Dennis L. Molfese

Part of the Literacy Studies book series (LITS, volume 6)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Victoria J. Molfese, Zvia Breznitz
    Pages 1-3
  3. Roozbeh Rezaie, Panagiotis G. Simos, Jack M. Fletcher, Carolyn Denton, Andrew C. Papanicolaou
    Pages 25-47
  4. Olga Chuntonov, Zvia Breznitz
    Pages 83-112
  5. Gerd Schulte-Körne, Jennifer Bruder, Elensa Ise, Ellen Rückert
    Pages 157-175
  6. Tamar Ben-Shalom, Andrea Berger, Avishai Henik
    Pages 195-208
  7. Dana Sury, Orly Rubinsten
    Pages 209-232
  8. Korbinian Moeller, Ursula Fischer, Ulrike Cress, Hans-Christoph Nuerk
    Pages 233-275
  9. Evelyn H. Kroesbergen, Jaccoline E. Van’t Noordende, Meijke E. Kolkman
    Pages 295-313
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 315-324

About this book


This valuable addition to the literature offers readers a comprehensive overview of recent brain imaging research focused on reading, writing and mathematics—a research arena characterized by rapid advances that follow on the heels of fresh developments and techniques in brain imaging itself. With contributions from many of the lead scientists in this field, a number of whom have been responsible for key breakthroughs, the coverage deals with the commonalities of, as well as the differences between, brain activity related to the three core educational topics. At the same time, the volume addresses vital new information on both brain and behavior indicators of developmental problems, and points out the new directions being pursued using current advances in brain imaging technologies as well as research-based interventions. The book is also a tribute to a new Edmund, J Safra Brain center for the study of learning Disabilities at the University of Haifa-Israel.


Behavior and Brain perspectives Brain mechanism Dynamic changes in brain processing ERP Error detection mechanism Numerical cognition Optimizing Reading Enhancement Ordinal processing Spelling disability

Editors and affiliations

  • Zvia Breznitz
    • 1
  • Orly Rubinsten
    • 2
  • Victoria J. Molfese
    • 3
  • Dennis L. Molfese
    • 4
  1. 1., Faculty of EducationUniversity of HaifaMount CarmelIsrael
  2. 2., Dept. of Learning DisabilitiesUniversity of HaifaMount CarmelIsrael
  3. 3., Dept. of Child, Youth & Fam. StudiesUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnLincolnUSA
  4. 4., Department of PsychologyUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnLincolnUSA

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