Calcium Signaling

  • Md. Shahidul Islam

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 740)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Joseph D. Bruton, Arthur J. Cheng, Håkan Westerblad
    Pages 27-43
  3. Marco Dal Maschio, Riccardo Beltramo, Angela Michela De Stasi, Tommaso Fellin
    Pages 83-102
  4. Bandana Chakravarti, Naibedya Chattopadhyay, Edward M. Brown
    Pages 103-142
  5. Cedric Viero, N. Lowri Thomas, Joanne Euden, Sammy A. Mason, Christopher H. George, Alan J. Williams
    Pages 183-215
  6. Charlotte M. Vines
    Pages 235-254
  7. Jan B. Parys, Humbert De Smedt
    Pages 255-279
  8. Robert Hooper, Sandip Patel
    Pages 325-347
  9. Alejandro Berna-Erro, Pedro C. Redondo, Juan A. Rosado
    Pages 349-382
  10. Isabella Derler, Josef Madl, Gerhard Schütz, Christoph Romanin
    Pages 383-410
  11. Angela Bononi, Sonia Missiroli, Federica Poletti, Jan M. Suski, Chiara Agnoletto, Massimo Bonora et al.
    Pages 411-437
  12. Matilde Yáñez, José Gil-Longo, Manuel Campos-Toimil
    Pages 461-482
  13. Juan A. Gilabert
    Pages 483-498
  14. Didier X. P. Brochet, Dongmei Yang, Heping Cheng, W. Jonathan Lederer
    Pages 499-509
  15. Mohammad S. Imtiaz
    Pages 511-520
  16. Jai Parkash, Kamlesh Asotra
    Pages 521-529
  17. Alexander Skupin, Kevin Thurley
    Pages 531-551
  18. Frederic von Wegner, Nicolas Wieder, Rainer H. A. Fink
    Pages 553-567
  19. Lily Zeng, Samuel V. Webster, Philip M. Newton
    Pages 639-661
  20. Carole A. Farah, Wayne S. Sossin
    Pages 663-683
  21. Natalia Gustavsson, Bingbing Wu, Weiping Han
    Pages 731-757
  22. Norbert Weiss, Gerald W. Zamponi
    Pages 759-775
  23. Juan A. Orellana, Helmuth A. Sánchez, Kurt A. Schalper, Vania Figueroa, Juan C. Sáez
    Pages 777-794
  24. Alexandre Marchand, Aniella Abi-Gerges, Youakim Saliba, Elise Merlet, Anne-Marie Lompré
    Pages 795-810
  25. Shaun L. Sandow, Sevvandi Senadheera, T. Hilton Grayson, Don G. Welsh, Timothy V. Murphy
    Pages 811-831
  26. Shantanu Ghosh, Amrita Basu
    Pages 833-858
  27. David Križaj
    Pages 873-889
  28. Fernanda M. P. Tonelli, Anderson K. Santos, Dawidson A. Gomes, Saulo L. da Silva, Katia N. Gomes, Luiz O. Ladeira et al.
    Pages 891-916
  29. Milica Bozic, Jose M. Valdivielso
    Pages 933-944
  30. Martin J. Behne, Jens-Michael Jensen
    Pages 945-953
  31. Yoshihiro Suzuki, Toshio Inoue, Chisei Ra
    Pages 955-977
  32. Roland Kaufmann, Morley D. Hollenberg
    Pages 979-1000
  33. Thomas J. Jones, Surya M. Nauli
    Pages 1001-1015
  34. Alexei Muravyov, Irina Tikhomirova
    Pages 1017-1038
  35. Petronella Kettunen
    Pages 1039-1071
  36. Matthieu Marin
    Pages 1073-1094

About this book


This volume contains a unique selection of chapters covering a wealth of contemporary topics in this ubiquitous and diverse system of cell signaling. It offers much more than the accessibility and authority of a primary text book, exploring topics ranging from the fundamental aspects of calcium signaling to its varied clinical implications. It presents comprehensive discussion of cutting-edge research alongside detailed analysis of critical issues, at the same time as setting out testable hypotheses that point the way to future scientific endeavors. The contributions feature material on theoretical and methodological topics as well as related subjects including mathematical modeling and simulations. They examine calcium signaling in a host of contexts, from mammalian cells to oocytes, zebrafish and plants. With much of interest to newcomers to the field as well as seasoned experts, this new publication is both wide-ranging and authoritative.


Calcium signaling Cell biology Cell signaling Ion channels Signal transduction

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