Teaching About Hegemony

Race, Class and Democracy in the 21st Century

  • Paul Orlowski

Part of the Explorations of Educational Purpose book series (EXEP, volume 17)

Table of contents

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  2. Mostly Theory – Ideology, Discourse, Hegemony, and the Curriculum

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      Pages 17-17
    2. Paul Orlowski
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      Pages 37-53
  3. Less Theory, More Applications and Practice: Deconstructing Racial and Class Discourses for a Stronger Democracy

  4. Back Matter
    Pages 207-213

About this book


Political progressives in Canada and the United States are deeply concerned by the manner in which their countries treat their poor. They are dismayed at the dismantling of the social welfare state, the weakening of public education systems and the grotesque and ever-growing inequality of wealth. To remedy this problem, citizens need to be more aware of how political ideology influences attitudes and actions, and they need to better comprehend the effects of hegemonic discourses in the corporate media and school curriculum. This book informs educators how to develop context-specific pedagogy that will help achieve a more enlightened citizenry and, as a result, a stronger democracy. 

Teaching about Hegemony: Race, Class and Democracy in the 21st Century promotes a progressive agenda for teaching that is rooted in critical pedagogy, it explains why ideological critique is necessary in raising political consciousness, it deconstructs white, middle-class hegemony in the formal school curriculum, and it examines corporate media and school curriculum as hegemonic devices. It also covers recent theory and research about race, class and democracy and how best to teach about these topics. Combining theory and sociological research with pedagogical approaches and classroom narratives, this book is fundamental for educators interested in developing a politically conscious, progressive and active citizenry hungry for a stronger civil society.


citizenship education critical critical pedagogy democracy education hegemony ideology neoliberlism progressive citizenry race

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