Mobility and Environment

Humanists versus Engineers in Urban Policy and Professional Education

  • Corrado Poli

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About this book


The transportation revolution does not simply mean taking a bus instead of a car.  It means centering the political debate on the necessity to shift dramatically from a technical to a political culture, and from an economic development oriented policy to an environment centered one.

A radical proposal to transform the currently existing thought on cities, traffic, planning and environment,.  Innovative, provocative and best of all ironic.
Richard Peet, Clark University, Worcester, MA, USA

Mobility and Environment is quite an unusual and refreshing contribution to the literature.  Through the analysis of urban traffic problems the book deconstructs the present paradigm of urban development, highlights its deficiencies and proposes alternative solutions.  The volume would definitely be of interest to geographers and planners, while it also addresses issues that concern sociology, government, philosophy and communication.
Antònia Casellas, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Our cities have to cope every day with traffic problems.  Corrado Poli’s, Mobility and Environment,  introduces an innovative perspective on mobility planning by applying environmental policy tools.
Francesco Musco, University IUAV of Venice, Italy


Civil engineering Education Environmentalism Urban geography Urban mobility

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