Advances in Robot Kinematics: Motion in Man and Machine

Motion in Man and Machine

  • Jadran Lenarcic
  • Michael M. Stanisic
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Part 1

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. R. J. Ellwood, D. Schütz, Annika Raatz, J. Hesselbach
      Pages 3-10
    3. K. Tchoń, J. Jakubiak, Ł. Małek
      Pages 11-21
    4. Nicolás Rojas, Federico Thomas
      Pages 23-32
    5. M. Urízar, V. Petuya, O. Altuzarra, A. Hernández
      Pages 45-52
  3. Part 2

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 72-72
    2. Chung-Ching Lee, Jacques M. Hervé
      Pages 73-80
    3. D. Zarrouk, I. Sharf, M. Shoham
      Pages 81-89
    4. D. Pisla, N. Plitea, B. G. Gherman, C. Vaida, A. Pisla, M. Suciu
      Pages 99-106
    5. M. Bergamasco, F. Salsedo, S. Marcheschi, N. Lucchesi
      Pages 117-125
    6. R. Vertechy, G. Berselli, M. Bergamasco, V. Parenti Castelli
      Pages 127-136
    7. S. Ambike, J. P. Schmiedeler, M. M. Stanišić
      Pages 137-144
  4. Part 3

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 146-146
    2. S. Abdelaziz, P. Renaud, B. Bayle, M. de Mathelin
      Pages 147-156
    3. Agostino De Santis, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Luigi Pelliccia, Bruno Siciliano, Andrea Tarallo
      Pages 157-168
    4. Danial Alizadeh, Jorge Angeles, Scott Nokleby
      Pages 169-176
    5. Joseph Salini, Sébastien Barthélemy, Philippe Bidaud
      Pages 177-184
    6. M. Carricato, J. M. Rico Martínez
      Pages 185-194
    7. Z. Shahbazi, T. A. P. F. Pimentel, H. Ilies, K. Kazerounian, P. Burkhard
      Pages 203-210
    8. Mehdi Tale Masouleh, Manfred Husty, Clèment Gosselin
      Pages 211-221
  5. Part 4

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 224-224
    2. D. Schütz, A. Raatz, J. Hesselbach
      Pages 225-232
    3. Terry Taewoong Um, Beobkyoon Kim, Chansoo Suh, Frank Chongwoo Park
      Pages 251-260
  6. Part 5

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 262-262
    2. Semaan Amine, Daniel Kanaan, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Wenger
      Pages 273-282
    3. Emel Demircan, Thor Besier, Samir Menon, Oussama Khatib
      Pages 283-292
    4. A. D. Perkins, K. J. Waldron
      Pages 301-308
    5. Qimi Jiang, Vijay Kumar
      Pages 321-328
    6. O. Bohigas, L. Ros, M. Manubens
      Pages 329-338
  7. Part 6

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 340-340
    2. S. Rubrecht, V. Padois, P. Bidaud, M. de Broissia
      Pages 367-376
    3. B. Jüttler, M. Krajnc, E. Žagar
      Pages 377-384
    4. R. Beranek, M. J. D. Hayes
      Pages 385-392
    5. Hao Gu, Marco Ceccarelli
      Pages 393-400
    6. T. Koritnik, T. Bajd, M. Munih
      Pages 401-408

About these proceedings


This book is a collection of 58 peer reviewed papers, which should be of interest to researchers inquiring about modern topics and methods in the kinematics, control and design of robotic manipulators. The papers consider the full range of robotic systems, including serial, parallel and cable driven manipulators, both planar and spatial. The systems range from being less than fully mobile to kinematically redundant to overconstrained. In addition to recognized areas, this book also presents recent advances in emerging areas such as the design and control of humanoids and humanoid subsystems, and the analysis, modeling and simulation of human body motions. As well as the mobility analysis of protein molecules and the development of machines which incorporate man.

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actuator algorithms autonom kinematics motion planning parallel robot robot robotics

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  • Jadran Lenarcic
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  • Michael M. Stanisic
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  1. 1.Inst. J. StefanUniversity LjubljanaLjubljanaSlovenia
  2. 2., Aerospace and Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Notre DameNotre DameUSA

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