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The Challenge of Highly Pathogenic Microorganisms

Mechanisms of Virulence and Novel Medical Countermeasures

  • Avigdor Shafferman
  • Arie Ordentlich
  • Baruch Velan
  • This book examines side-by-side 4 major bio-pathogens

  • Provides side-by-side updated information about their pathogenesis, virulence and epidemiology.

  • Allows for evaluation of common features as well as common strategies for defence.

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Theodor Chitlaru, Orit Gat, Galia Zaide, Haim Grosfeld, Izhak Inbar, Sharon Ehrlich et al.
    Pages 11-22
  3. Pierre L. Goossens, Ian J. Glomski, Lhousseine Touqui, Michèle Mock
    Pages 23-29
  4. Emanuelle Mamroud, Avital Tidhar, Yinon Levy, Erez Bar-Haim, Gideon Halperin, Yehuda Flashner et al.
    Pages 45-55
  5. Avital Tidhar, Yehuda Flashner, Sara Cohen, Yinon Levy, Ayelet Zauberman, David Gur et al.
    Pages 57-65
  6. Jeanette E. Bröms, Moa Lavander, Anders Sjöstedt
    Pages 67-75
  7. Andrey P. Anisimov, Svetlana V. Dentovskaya, Anna N. Kondakova, Buko Lindner, Rima Z. Shaikhutdinova, Nina A. Kocharova et al.
    Pages 77-87
  8. Baruch Velan, Erez Bar-Haim, Gal Markel, Hila Cohen, Ayelet Zauberman, Sara Cohen et al.
    Pages 89-98
  9. Françoise Guinet, Patrick Avé, Louis Jones, Michel Huerre, Elisabeth Carniel
    Pages 99-106
  10. Bernard Moss, Zain Bengali, Himani Bisht, Jason P. Laliberte, P.S. Satheskumar
    Pages 107-113
  11. Nir Paran, Shlomo Lustig, Anat Zvi, Tomer Israely, Sharon Melamed, Noam Erez et al.
    Pages 115-123
  12. Geoffrey L. Smith
    Pages 125-134
  13. Tomer Israely, Sharon Melamed, Noam Erez, Boaz Politi, Udy Olshevsky, Reuven Levin et al.
    Pages 147-155
  14. Andreas Kurth, Andreas Nitsche
    Pages 157-164
  15. Yinon Levy, Anat Zvi, Haim Grosfeld, Avital Tidhar, David Gur, Yehuda Flashner et al.
    Pages 165-172
  16. Adi Beth-Din, Ofir Israeli, Ohad Shifman, Dana Stein, Einat Ben-Arie, Nir Paran et al.
    Pages 173-182
  17. Paul Keim, Talima Pearson
    Pages 183-190

About these proceedings


This book addresses the unique features of four microorganisms that constitute the top bioterror threat agents: Bacillus anthracis; Yersinia pestis, Francisella tularensis and Orthopoxviruses. Side-by-side updated information about their pathogenisis, virulence and epidemiology is provided in a single volume, allowing for evaluation of common features as well as common strategies for defense. Classical microbiological as well as genomic, proteomic & transcriptomic approaches towards development of strategies of novel prophylactic and post-exposure treatment and related aspects of diagnostics and bioforensics are covered. Written by top scientists, this book will be of major interest to all researchers interested in the intricate biology of highly pathogenic microorganisms, to scientists and clinicians interested in microbial pathogenesis and prevention, and to a wide range of professionals dealing with the various aspects of bio-defense.


Toxin infections microorganism protein virus

Editors and affiliations

  • Avigdor Shafferman
    • 1
  • Arie Ordentlich
    • 2
  • Baruch Velan
    • 3
  1. 1.Israel Institute for Biological ResearchNess-ZionaIsrael
  2. 2.Israel Institute for Biological ResearchNess-ZionaIsrael
  3. 3.Israel Institute for Biological ResearchNess-ZionaIsrael

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