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The Politics of Partnerships

A Critical Examination of Nonprofit-Business Partnerships


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About this book


The widespread partnering phenomenon in the US and the UK spurred a significant amount of literature focusing on its strategic use. The Politics of Partnerships diverges by examining if partnerships can deliver benefits that extend beyond the organisational to the societal level resulting from the intentional combined efforts of the partners.

The book offers under the chronological stages of formation, implementation, outcomes a critical examination and proposes a holistic framework for the study of partnerships allowing for observations beyond any single stage.

‘Finally! Seitanidi has given us a map to navigate the brave new world of partnerships. Discussions of nonprofit-business partnerships have had too much rhetoric and too little reality. Seitanidi abandons happy talk and digs into the truth. The striking contribution of The Politics of Partnerships is the toolbox of concepts it gives us for making sense of nonprofit-business partnerships’

Thomas Donaldson, Mark O. Winkelman Professor, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

‘The Politics of Partnerships gives us a much-needed reality check highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of cross-sector collaborations in a world where boundaries seem to be fast disappearing. It provides significant new insights based in rich in-depth cases into what Seitanidi calls the ‘overt functional conflict,’ or the specific kinds of conflicts that partners in different sectors can run into. If you are interested in collaborations, this book is a must read.’

Sandra Waddock, Galligan Chair of Strategy, Professor of Management, Boston College

‘Despite large interest in the possible role of partnerships in organizational strategies, empirical evidence that considers the complexity of the formation, implementation and outcomes is scarce. Through in-depth analysis in comparative perspective, this timely book provides much food for thought suggesting cooperation can also be accompanied by conflict.’

Prof.dr. Ans Kolk, University of Amsterdam Business School

‘Seitanidi's book is a valuable asset for the leaders of business and non-profits, revealing the complexities in partnerships and building a framework for the successful implementation of collaborative models - an imperative within our increasingly globalized world.’

Hans Ulrich Maerki, Senior Fellow of Advanced Leadership, Harvard University (retired Chairman of IBM Europe Middle East Africa)


Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation (CSR) Non-Profit Nonprofit Nonprofit organisations (NGOs) Partnerships Social Sustainability Society

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From the reviews:

“Based on an extensive literature study of partnerships, she particularly analyses partnerships between nonprofit organisations (NPOs) and businesses (BUSs) … . The rich in-depth case studies, well-framed in the strands of literature on partnerships, combined with the proposition of a holistic framework, reveal a lot of the complexities of partnerships. The book provides much food for thought on businesses improving their corporate social responsibility through cooperation with nongovernmental organistions and the organisational consequences for the partners.” (Pieter Glasbergen, Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, Vol. 8 (2), June, 2011)

“A book that provides an excellent overview of the nonprofit-business partnership phenomenon. … a valuable asset for the leaders of businesses and NGOs … . it provides scholars and students a way to understand the underlying dynamics of nonprofit-business partnerships … . anyone who wants to be well informed about nonprofit-business collaborations should read this important book. … It is a book that is written in a clear and appealing style to guide any reader to the different stages and overarching themes of social partnerships.” (Silke Boenigk, Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Monitoring, Vol. 23, February, 2011)

“This book is a valuable contribution to this lively and increasingly debated field of practice and research. … this book critically examines the chronological stages of nonprofit-business partnerships. … The book … prompts a rethinking and redefinition of current partnership approaches and the responsibilities of sectors more broadly, and is therefore highly recommended to both the partnership research community and practitioners.” (Marlene Vock, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 94 (1), July, 2010)

“A densely packed and dispassionate piece of scholarship that will be of interest to those in business, in nonprofits, and in partnerships between the two. … The book is ideal for use as source material at the graduate level and can be applied to management issues of the nonprofit sector in the United States. It will be helpful to scholars performing research in the area of cross-sector collaboration and partnerships involving nonprofits and businesses … and the development of civil society in emerging democracies.” (Stuart C. Mendel, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Vol. 41 (3), 2012)