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My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET)

  • Ramjee Prasad


  • First book on personal networks

  • Overview on existing and new communication standards

  • Describe the structure of an EU project


Part of the Signals and Communication Technology book series (SCT)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiv
  2. Ramjee Prasad
    Pages 1-15
  3. Knud Erik Skouby, Lene Sørensen, Henning Olesen, Allan Hammershøj, Anders Henten, Iwona Windekilde
    Pages 17-74
  4. Ernö Kovacs, Luı́s Sánchez, Jorge Lanza, Jeroen Hoebeke, Marc Girod Genet, Martin Bauer et al.
    Pages 75-134
  5. Dirk Dahlhaus, Thomas Hunziker, Spyridon Vassilaras, Hamed Al-Raweshidy, Mauro De Sanctis
    Pages 135-243
  6. Hossam Afifi, Dimitris Kyriazanos, Shahab Mirzadeh, Jordi Jaen Pallares, Andreas Pashalidis, Neeli Rashmi Prasad et al.
    Pages 245-282
  7. Dominique Noguet, Gerrit van Veenendaal, Jan Mikkelsen, Lionel Biard, Marco Detratti, Balamuralidhar P. et al.
    Pages 283-336
  8. Juha Zidbeck, Luis Sánchez, Kimmo Ahola, Mikko Alutoin, Martin Bauer, Sandford Bessler et al.
    Pages 337-407
  9. Liljana Gavilovska
    Pages 409-423
  10. Ramjee Prasad
    Pages 425-429
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 431-435

About this book


My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET) is the outcome of the research and development contributions of partners collaborating in the integrated project MAGNET (My Adaptive Personal Global Net) and MAGNET Beyond supported by European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The project was focusing on a secure user-centric approach developing secure Personal Networks in multi-network, multi-device, and multi-user environments.

The innovative concept of Personal Network (PN), which was introduced and developed in MAGNET, finds in this book the first confirmation of the success that the future of wireless communications is bound to achieve. The importance of this book is not only related to being the first work on PNs, it also gives an overview of operation of a big project, like MAGNET, and in fact the organisation of the book reflects how the project itself has been structured. My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET) summarize all the steps taken from the introduction of a user-centric perspective until the implementation of PN-Fs (Federation of Personal Networks), outlining the applications and commercialisations of the new concepts carried out of the project.

The intent of My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET) is to disseminate the concept of PN and PN-F among with the activities and achievement carried out in MAGNET/MAGNET Beyond to encourage new project and academic initiatives toward personalized, ubiquitous communications.


Air interfaces Context Management Personal Area Network Personal Networks Security Wireless Communications Wireless Networks communication ultra-wideband

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