Physiology of Cotton

  • James McD. Stewart
  • Derrick M. Oosterhuis
  • James J. Heitholt
  • Jackson R. Mauney

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Jonathan F. Wendel, Curt L. Brubaker, Tosak Seelanan
    Pages 1-18
  3. Randy Wells, Alexander M. Stewart
    Pages 24-32
  4. Judith M. Bradow, Philip J. Bauer
    Pages 48-56
  5. B.L. McMichael, D.M. Oosterhuis, J.C. Zak, C.A. Beyrouty
    Pages 57-71
  6. G.A. Constable, D.M. Oosterhuis
    Pages 72-79
  7. Donald N. Baker, Jeffery T. Baker
    Pages 80-96
  8. G.L. Mullins, C.H. Burmester
    Pages 97-105
  9. William A. Cress, James McD. Stewart
    Pages 106-110
  10. Reiner H. Kloth, Rickie B. Turley
    Pages 111-122
  11. John J. Burke, Donald F. Wanjura
    Pages 123-128
  12. John Gorham, Andre Läuchli, Eduardo O. Leidi
    Pages 129-141
  13. Steven C. Hodges, Greg Constable
    Pages 142-161
  14. Patrick J. Temple, David A. Grantz
    Pages 162-173
  15. Jack R. Mauney
    Pages 174-178
  16. J.J. Heitholt, G.F. Sassenrath-Cole
    Pages 179-186
  17. A.A. Bell, C.R. Howell, R.D. Stipanovic
    Pages 187-205
  18. David B. Nehl, Peter A. McGee
    Pages 206-212
  19. Víctor O. Sadras, Gary W. Felton
    Pages 213-228
  20. Judith M. Bradow, Gayle H. Davidonis
    Pages 229-245
  21. C.O. Gwathmey, J.F. Bradley, A.Y. Chambers, D.D. Howard, D.D. Tyler
    Pages 246-254
  22. K.D. Hake, D.W. Grimes
    Pages 255-264
  23. Wayne E. Sabbe†, Steven C. Hodges
    Pages 265-271
  24. Derrick M. Oosterhuis, Billy L. Weir
    Pages 272-288
  25. J. Tom Cothren, D.M. Oosterhuis
    Pages 289-303
  26. Thomas A. Kerby, Fred M. Bourland, Kater D. Hake
    Pages 304-317
  27. Juan A. Landivar, K. Raja Reddy, Harry F. Hodges
    Pages 318-331
  28. Robert D. Stipanovic, Howard J. Williams, Alois A. Bell
    Pages 342-352
  29. Donald L. Hendrix
    Pages 353-360
  30. Carolyn Zieher
    Pages 361-378
  31. Norma Trolinder
    Pages 379-382
  32. Lynnette M.A. Dirk, Thea A. Wilkins
    Pages 383-393
  33. M.E. John, J.McD. Stewart
    Pages 394-403
  34. Back Matter
    Pages 404-563

About this book


Cotton production today is not to be undertaken frivolously if one expects to profit by its production. If cotton production is to be sustainable and produced profitably, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the growth and development of the cotton plant and in the adaptation of cultivars to the region as well as the technology available. In addition, those individuals involved in growing cotton should be familiar with the use of management aids to know the most profitable time to irrigate, apply plant growth regulators, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, insecticides, defoliants, etc. The chapters in this book were assembled to provide those dealing with the production of cotton with the basic knowledge of the physiology of the plant required to manage the cotton crop in a profitable manner.


Embryo biochemistry breeding chemistry evolution genetic engineering metabolism mineral nutrition nitrogen photosynthesis physiology quality root growth roots temperature

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