Variation-Aware Analog Structural Synthesis

  • Trent McConaghy
  • Pieter Palmers
  • Peng Gao
  • Michiel Steyaert
  • Georges Gielen

Part of the Analog Circuits and Signal Processing book series (ACSP)

About this book


Variation-Aware Analog Structural Synthesis describes computational intelligence-based tools for robust design of analog circuits. It starts with global variation-aware sizing and knowledge extraction, and progressively extends to variation-aware topology design. The computational intelligence techniques developed in this book generalize beyond analog CAD, to domains such as robotics, financial engineering, automotive design, and more.

The tools are for:

  • Globally-reliable variation-aware automated sizing via SANGRIA, leveraging structural homotopy and response surface modeling.
  • Template-free symbolic models via CAFFEINE canonical form functions, for greater insight into the relationship between design/process variables and circuit performance/robustness.
  • Topology selection and topology synthesis via MOJITO. 30 well-known analog building blocks are hierarchically combined, leading to >100,000 different possible topologies which are all trustworthy by construction. MOJITO does multi-objective genetic programming-based search across these topologies with SPICE accuracy, to return a set of sized topologies on the optimal performance/yield tradeoff curve.
  • Nonlinear sensitivity analysis, topology decision trees, and analytical tradeoffs. With a data-mining perspective on Pareto-optimal topologies, this book shows how to do global nonlinear sensitivity analysis on topology and sizing variables, automatically extract a specs-to-topology decision tree, and determine analytical expressions of performance tradeoffs.
  • Novel topology design. The MOJITO-N and ISCLEs tools generate novel yet trustworthy topologies; including boosting digitally-sized circuits for analog functionality.


Analysis algorithms artificial intelligence computational intelligence database integrated circuit knowledge modeling optimization robot robotics single-electron transistor static-induction transistor validation

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  • Trent McConaghy
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  • Pieter Palmers
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  • Peng Gao
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  • Michiel Steyaert
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  • Georges Gielen
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  1. 1.Solido Design Automation, Inc.SaskatoonCanada
  2. 2.Mephisto Design Automation NV (MDA)HeverleeBelgium
  3. 3.Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT)Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenLeuvenBelgium

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