GeoSpatial Visual Analytics

Geographical Information Processing and Visual Analytics for Environmental Security

  • Raffaele De Amicis
  • Radovan Stojanovic
  • Giuseppe Conti
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Spatial Data Infrastructures

  3. Signal and Data Processing

    1. Ana M. Lazarevska, Nicole Fischer, Andreas Haarstrick, Kai MüNnich
      Pages 85-96
    2. Igor Djurović, Ljubiša Stanković, Vesna Popović, Miloš Daković, Thayananthan Thayaparan
      Pages 113-127
  4. Earth Observation and Remote Sensing

  5. Scientific Visualization

    1. Alvaro Segura, Aitor Moreno, Igor García, Naiara Aginako, Mikel Labayen, Jorge Posada et al.
      Pages 199-207
    2. Carlos Andújar, Pere Brunet, José Diaz
      Pages 209-213
    3. Ido A. Iurgel, Maribel Yasmina Santos
      Pages 235-250
    4. Sebastian Döweling, Florian Probst, Thomas Ziegert, Knut Manske
      Pages 251-262
  6. Visual Analytics

    1. Raffaele De Amicis, Giuseppe Conti, Stefano Piffer, Bruno Simões
      Pages 265-286
    2. Marc Bonazountas, Sotirios Kanellopoulos, Joerg Schaller, Despina Kallidromitou, Giacomo Martirano
      Pages 287-297
    3. Jörn Kohlhammer, Thorsten May, Marcus Hoffmann
      Pages 299-310
    4. Budhendra Bhaduri, Mallikarjun Shankar, Alexandre Sorokine, Auroop Ganguly
      Pages 331-341
  7. Virtual Worlds and Spinning Globes

  8. Continental, National Regional, Local Experiences — Case Studies

    1. Giacomo Martirano, Marc Bonazountas, Vittorio Gagliardi
      Pages 377-386
    2. Salvatore Gabriele, Gaetano D'aquila, Francesco Chiaravalloti
      Pages 387-394
    3. Mohamed Hafedh Hamza, Ayed Added
      Pages 395-407
    4. Peppino Stefano Disperati, Jeanette Van De Steeg, Paulo Van Breugel, An Notenbaert, John Owuor, Mario Herreror
      Pages 409-424
    5. Andreas Tzanis, Stylianos Chailas, Charalampos Kranis, Pavlos Sotiropoulos, P. Karmis, Anastasios Koumoutsakos
      Pages 425-438
    6. Mu'taz Mohammad Al-Alawi, Mahmoud Ahmed Abujamous
      Pages 439-450
    7. Nico Pals, Arnout De Vries, Arnoud De Jong, Erik Boertjes
      Pages 465-475
  9. Political, Economical and Social Factors in the Protection of the Environment

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Access, distribution and processing of Geographic Information (GI) are basic preconditions to support strategic environmental decision-making. The heterogeneity of information on the environment today available is driving a wide number of initiatives, on both sides of the Atlantic, all advocating both the strategic role of proper management and processing of environme- related data as well as the importance of harmonized IT infrastructures designed to better monitor and manage the environment. The extremely wide range of often multidimensional environmental information made available at the global scale poses a great challenge to technologists and scientists to find extremely sophisticated yet effective ways to provide access to relevant data patterns within such a vast and highly dynamic information flow. In the past years the domain of 3D scientific visualization has developed several solutions designed for operators requiring to access results of a simulation through the use of 3D visualization that could support the understanding of an evolving phenomenon. However 3D data visualization alone does not provide model and hypothesis-making neither it provide tools to validate results. In order overcome this shortcoming, in recent years scientists have developed a discipline that combines the benefits of data mining and information visualization, which is often referred to as Visual Analytics (VA).


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  • Radovan Stojanovic
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  • Giuseppe Conti
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