Herbaceous Plant Ecology

Recent Advances in Plant Ecology

  • A. G. Van der Valk

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VI
  2. Michel Duru, Raouda Al Haj Khaled, Camille Ducourtieux, Jean Pierre Theau, Fernando L. F. de Quadros, Pablo Cruz
    Pages 57-69
  3. Qing Liu, Xuejun Ge, Wenli Chen, J. Travis Columbus
    Pages 167-187
  4. Nicole Hagenah, Helena Munkert, Karin Gerhardt, Han Olff
    Pages 189-202
  5. Blanca R. Lopez, Yoav Bashan, Macario Bacilio, Gustavo De la Cruz-Agüero
    Pages 211-224
  6. Marie-Lise Benot, Cendrine Mony, Sara Puijalon, Majid Mohammad-Esmaeili, Jacques J. M. van Alphen, Jan-Bernard Bouzillé et al.
    Pages 257-266
  7. Asghar Mosleh Arany, Tom J. de Jong, Ed van der Meijden
    Pages 287-295

About this book


This volume provides an overview of recent advances in the ecology of various kinds of non-forested ecosystems (grasslands, deserts, and wetlands) on a variety of topics, including species diversity and the factors that control species diversity, impacts of disturbances (grazing, mowing, fire, flooding), establishment and reproduction ecology, and plant-plant interactions.


Previously published in Plant Ecology, Volume 201, No.2, 2009.


Competition Disturbance Grazing Reproductive ecology Species diversity Vegetation ecology

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